Sunday, July 27, 2008

Everyone Arrived!!!

Camping in style- Jack in the fridge
Everyone made it to the campground. Some had to travel thru some storms, but everyone made it safely. Each family was helped as hey arrived, and everyone was set up by 6pm. Once tents were set up - it poured again, but then stopped as Jack setup the food site - with plenty of helpers, and soon was grilling burgers and dogs for everyone, plus a wonderful salad to boot! (so we won't get scurvy.) After cleaning up from dinner, we had music led by Scotty G, and a devotional led by Amy. We had a great fun icebreaker game too.
Soon we were relaxing by the fire with some s'mores. I headed to the showers - getting ready for work tomorrow. Was a great day, glad to be wit good people and good friends.
A few pictures:
Gathering firewood

Devon Setting up his tent
Em goofing
Playing Rock-Paper-Sissors for "dough"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Playing @ French Creek

Ladder Golf - fun game!


Lunch @ Sonic - very cool!
We headed out around 1pm for a late lunch. On the way in yesterday, we saw a few selections that we thought would be tasty. We finally decided on Sonic Burger. They have car-hops that will deliver right to your car window, But the weather was beautiful, so we opted to sit outdoors. Glad we did! Across the highway from Sonic is a small airstrip, and we got to see gliders being landed - and being pulled up into the air by small, single engine prop planes. definitely fun to watch.
Ordering was interesting, you walk up to a menu board, push a button to let them know you're there, and just like drive thru, you make your selections. Then you sit and someone brings your meal out to you. Kim and I both had burgers - she a Sonic, and I a "SuperSonic" - Em had Popcorn Chicken, and Amy went for a Coney - a Extra-Long hot dog, covered in Chili Cheese. We ALL want to go back again!
We then hit the Super Walmart to pick up a few items (Lime-aid was one - yum!) and hit Dairy Queen for dessert, and a local produce stand for tomatoes for a nice tomato salad we had later with mac and cheese.
Nice little venture out from the park!

Out Again! Yeah!

Em having breakfast @ French Creek
Arrived late last night after VBS at RPC. I usually don't like entering the campsite after 9pm, but Amy got a late start, and it snowballed from there. Neighbor across the way was nice enough to turn on his lights as we backed in (kinda blinded me, but he was trying to be nice and help) and turned out the site is exactly level! No need for level blocks this time.
Connected up, and settled in. This morning realized a few things. We didn't fill the water tank, so we needed to do that (Only pulled up our driveway a bit, the water bib is right across the street. In fact, we really didn't even black the street as we filled the tank - just coupled our two fresh water hoses together to get the job done in a few minutes. The refer seems to only work on gas... Need to check that out. (may be tied to a problem I just discovered - the gfi was tripped - which caused half the outlets - including the outside one as I write this - not to work. ) Everything's been beautiful here. GREAT sleeping weather, and a slight breeze.
Will be heading to church on Sunday - then back here to enjoy a few days... well, the girls will, I have to cover at work. (But for two nights I plan on being a "commuter camper"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Tires

Spent part of Monday checking prices and recomendations for tires. Finally decided on B.F. Goodrich Commercial T/A M+S E rated. Rather than get the exact same tire (Michelin LTX M+S) The BFG's were a little less money, and actually made by Michelin in the end (They own BFG) Got help from Gary and Mike at Bergey's Truck Tire Service on Penn Street in Franconia. Dropped RoadAbode off Monday Night - And she was ready by Tues Morning. Drop off/and pickup was easy with RoadToad tagging along....literally.

Bergy's Truck Tire Lot

Tires bigger than RoadAbode!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Blowout

While rolling along home around 11:30 or so, listening to some Bob Dylan, all of a sudden a big BANG! from somewhere below the Fridge, and RoadAbode shuddered. I rolled to the right hand emergency lane of the Turnpike, and looked at Frank in the Passenger side seat. "That ain't good" I muttered as I got out (watching the flow of traffic past) "Hope that's not my bike" Frank hollered over the din of tractor trailers. I went all the way to the rear of RoadAbode. and looked under from behind. I could see all 4 tires on the duallies. I looked back and saw a strip of Tire tread 50 feet or so back. i was still hoping it wasn't blown, but that maybe I just hit a piece of tire....somehow. Upon closer inspection, it was the Passenger-side inside Dually. We both went inside Roadabode. I pulled the card for Good Sam and called, gave them my info, they said they would call back with an ETA, and then hung up. I thought maybe I should move off the Turnpike, but I wasn't sure how far the next exit was, nor if Roadabode's remaining 3 rear tires could take the weight. "Anybody want something to drink, or use the bathroom?" I was calming down amazingly after feeling pretty shaky only a few minutes ago. Started up the genny, and ran the roof air to keep it cool since we weren't moving (plus was good exercise for the genny) and the phone rang - ETA was an hour or less by Mechanics Plus. Five mins later the phone rang again - it was Mechanics Plus to let us know that we were out of their territory (?) they only do the Northeastern Extension. Said to all Turnpike Help at *11 (?) I called back Good Sam to explain this - they apologized, and said Mechanics Plus Should have called them - not me. They said they would call back with an ETA. Meanwhile, I checked the next exit was Route 100 - only 3 miles up the road. I told them that i would meet the service at routes 76 and 100 - and
i would try to find a parking lot that the guy could change the tire in. I started up
RoadAbode and we slowly limped up to Route 100, then to a Hampton Inn parking lot at 113 and 100. I called Good Sam, let them know out location, and they let me know that Able towing and Road Service would be out within 2 hours. Rather than fret, Frank and Kevin suggested Lunch, and we walked over to Pizzeria Uno, which shared the lot with the motel. We relaxed, able to see RoadAbode out the window, and in and hour and 30 minutes, Able was there. I met him in the lot - let him know where we were, and let him do his job. 30 min later of so, we were back on the road.
Interesting ride home.

Road Trouble

Blew a inside pass tire on roadabode. Waiting on service. @ Pizzeria Uno having lunch.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Full Day at French Creek State Park

Woke around 6am, got coffee started, then fed the chipmunks outside the door some sunflower seeds. little fella wouldn't let me get a good picture though. Frank made eggs, I got sausage going, and soon we had a feast for all of us. Over breakfast, we discussed the day. After much reviewing of maps, we decided to hike to the pool. on the way, we re-evaluated. and took a connecting trail to Hopewell Village. Enjoyed looking at the Water Wheel (still working) and the 'living exhibits' of colonial life. Even had Colonial Dancing demonstration (yea, it's fine for three macho guys to watch a bit if colonial dancing!)

After wandering a little more in the village, we doubled back and headed to the French Creek Pool to cool off. Spent some time lazing there, had some snacks, then hiked toward Scotts Run Lake. Trail had very few people on it, but did run into a Ranger on an ATV checking the trail. Once at Scotts Run, we took a rest, then continued an upward climb (started to be a bit steep) back toward the campground. A bit tired, we all snacked on Brie, crackers and mineral water, hit the showers and had a late lunch of hotdogs. the rest of the day we relaxed, wandered the campground, and snacked. Dinner were cheesburgers and corn-on-the-cob on the grill - cooked by Kevin and a dessert of s'mores and just marshmallows. We then just mellowed out by the fire, telling stories and thinking about things from our past. Awesome day of exploring and relaxing!

Our Hike Around Hopewell Lake
Couple of pictures:
Chipmunk having breakfast
Official Sign

Huge Fungi on the trail
A Yurt at the campground

@ French Creek 4 the Weekend

Beautiful morn @ French Creek

Friday, July 11, 2008

Biking To Hopewell Lake

Frank and Kev At Hopewell Lake.
After settling in we jumped on the bikes and headed to the park office. However it was right at 5pm so couldn't get any additional trail maps or talk to the ranger. Continued on to the beaver dam (no new evidence of beaver though) and the fishing pier were i took the pic above. Then we headed down to the pool, and to the old dam and spillway at the opposite side of the lake.
That was all the easy part.
Coming down from the campground was all downhill. Steep downhill in some parts. And after two minor hills - I was done. I ended pushing my bike ther rest of the way. (And was really winded more than I felt in a while.)
No more biking for me...hiking sounds good though.