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Taking a Look at One of the Best Built Class C Manufacturers

Lazy Daze Class C RV Motorhome
Lazy Daze Class C RV Motorhome
The video above by RV enthusiast and reporter Stew Oleson shows the 50th anniversary edition of the Lazy Daze Class C. This RV company is now close to it's 59th year, and not much has changed since the video was created. In fact, this is probably one of the reasons that Lazy Daze has been around for so long - they stick to the basics of sound, quality builds and do not chase after the latest fad in RV gadgets or construction. Lazy Daze RVs have yet to even feature slide-outs, one item that many RV owners have gotten use to. Slideouts offer more floor space while at your campsite, but at the cost of some integrity to the strength of sidewalls, and  increased weight. The only type of RVs Laze Daze construct are Class C. No pop-ups, trailers, 5th Wheels, truck campers, or Class A motorhomes. They stick to what they build the best. Only seven floor plans are featured, though customers can request customization to those. 

What makes Lazy Daze Different?

Factory Direct -  New Lazy Daze are only available directly from their factory. This removes additional overhead costs surrounding dealer delivery, personnel, washing and maintaining product inventory. Customers specialized needs can be worked in directly with the designers. Though only seven layouts, they can make changes to fit in customers desires for comfort or accessibility.
Aluminum Sidewalls -  Exterior walls are covered with smooth, sectional replaceable aircraft aluminum panels lightweight and non-flammable. Lazy Daze motorhomes are then painted with aircraft type two-part polyurethane enamel with a unique paint scheme. We know of no other Class C motorhome with sidewalls built this soundly.
Roof - Lazy Daze uses a one piece roof of very heavy gauge one-piece painted aluminum - not rubber or fiberglass. 
Frame - The motorhome framing for the home portion of the coach, which is located between the inside and outside walls, is backed with a lifetime warranty to the original owner. No other manufacturer offers that long of a warranty. 
Quality - I've never read anything bad in any RV forums or review of Lazy Daze motorhomes. The worst someone would say was "the styling was not for them". Every person that comments always spoke of the craftsmanship and quality of the build. The reason seems to be - as the Lazy Daze website states:
Our primary objective is to build the best possible RV, not the greatest number. To utilize quality components, not the cheapest. This, in combination with our excellent manufacturing staff, has created a Lazy Daze Motorhome with outstanding durability. Unlike the "mass producers" whose sole objective is to build their coaches faster and cheaper, here at Lazy Daze we strive to build "high end" quality coaches at an extremely competitive price.
All year round camping can be done - because insulating thermal pane windows are standard on every model, as is a combination air conditioner and heat pump. For milder climate, FanTastic vents, to bring the outside air in, also are standard.
The workmanship is apparent when going down the road as well. The handling of a Lazy Daze has less "rattle, roll or shimmy". This is partially accomplished by  a low profile design they incorporate into their builds which yields a lower center of gravity. The lower center of gravity gives more control. Their motorhomes are a little over 10 feet in height. As comparison, RoadAbode - built on the same Ford E450 Chassis - is 11 and 1/2 feet in height. They also keep a low wheelbase to length ratios  This mean less rear overhang from the rear axle, which can further adversely affect handling.
The RoadAbode Crew loves the build quality of Lazy Daze. Not having to worry about sidewall delamination and not second guessing some build quality issues we've seen on RoadAbode would be great. For our future RV however, we think we'd like to have the space a slide-out would afford us, and updated styling options. It's really a tough call. We're not going to worry about it until we are in the market to really assess. Manufactures are bough and sold, and come and go. There may be another bright star in our RVing future! Still it's nice to see and understand the history of a company, so being informed is a good way to be.
Lazy Daze factory is located in Southern California approximately 30 or so miles east of Los Angeles in Montclair, California.
For more information on Lazy Daze Class C Motorhomes:
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We'd love to hear from anyone who has a Lazy Daze, or ask questions or comments about them below. 

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