Saturday, August 28, 2010

Slow-Moving Day

Enjoyed just visiting some of our usual haunts will staying at Spring Gulch - and driving a few back roads. The good thing about GPS is being able to just pop in the address back to the campground, no matter what back road you may be on. We found a neat Amish petting zoo, candle shop and ice-cream place, and enjoyed the scenes of a simpler life on the country lanes, passing field, farms and homesteads. We also fell upon the New Holland Farmers market, where we enjoyed a hand-rolled pretzel, and the homey feel of a children's baking contest, and the auction afterward. Beautiful day for a cruise on the back roads.

Carving @ Petting Zoo

Carving @ Petting Zoo

Hand-made Pretzels

Hand-made Pretzels @ New Holland Farmers Market

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Out in RoadAbode Again

The girls (Granny, A, K, E, and Molly) are headed to Lancaster PA - Spring Gulch RV Resort - for a little R&R today. I'll follow up on Friday Night after work. They had a small issue with RoadAbode when leaving storage - she wouldn't start. Given that she still had her original battery, it was not too much of a surprise. After getting a jump from our Good Sam Road Service (only took 30 minutes from call to jump!) Am headed over to Yokum Ford - which is a few miles up the road from storage, and on the way to Lancaster. She called ahead and yhey were ready with a new battery. Found RoadAbode needed a negative terminal cable as well.
two hours behind their planned departure, with the checking account $180 lighter, they were on their way - Not too bad.