Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hmmm... Water pressure is low this morning. Looks like it got colder than I thought last night - outside line froze. Just have to wait til it warms up a bit.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Playing in Lancaster

So far today, Breakfast at Bird-in-Hand Rest (Also owns the Campground) Hit a few stores at the Outlets, and a cold breezy game of mini golf (Professor Hackers Lost Treasure Golf - AWESOME Course!) While Kimberly is doing homework (transcribing a paper she has due) Amy and Emily were able to fly a kite in a farmers field next to the campground. This is a special kite - one that Amy and I have had since we were first married. I did some small maint. items while they had fun, then we went to the playground. While we were out earlier, we stopped at the Outlets and always pick up an inexpensive toy to play with here. This week was a "helicopter" type for $2. We enjoyed flying and catching it, along with the playground swings, see-saws, and the wooden train they have here to climb on.

Blogging a bit here - and now heading to dinner (a Pizza Buffet - sound interesting) and after, a fire and some TV (Em is bugging to see the Kid's Choice Awards) - Time for me to log on at that point and do some work I think.

Been a good day!

Some pics:

The Pirate Ship At Mini Golf

Girls Playing

Flying a kite

Cheapie fun helicopter toy

Note to Campground Owners

Who knows, maybe a few campground owners read this ...

One of my "Pet Peeves" at campgrounds is the care, cleanliness, and quality of their restrooms and shower house. Country Acre Campgrounds, in Lancaster, really know what they are doing in this area (The whole campground is great) Modern, up kept facilities. With the amenities I'm looking for when I go to take a shower.

I've included some pics from the men's room in their upper "newer" area, but the lower "older" area is just as nice.
Ample room, with an anterior changing area - What you can't see - Heated floors
Easy to use (one handle) to adjust the water, an adjustable shower spray, and lots of hot water! Surfaces that are not covered with any types of growth. (The surfaces here are all easily cleaned - and appear that way.
A bench in the Anterior room - No so much to sit on, but a place to put shower needs and items.
Hooks for my towel or clothes. Big enough to hold a few items.
And one thing I didn't get a pick of, in the shower - a shelf of some sort to hold my washcloth, shampoo and soap.
Kudos to Country Acres for having all these things - plus the other things you expect (like soap in dispenser by the sink, paper towels in the towel dispenser, and toilet paper - things I've found missing in other campgrounds). Country Acres really have what I wish I found at ALL the campgrounds we visit.

In Lancaster

@  one of our fav campgrounds Country Acres in Lancaster, PA. Out to breakfast @ Bird-in-Hand. Then to minigolf!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Multimedia message

Blue skies heading home. Eventhough it is windy it is good to be on the way home.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun With Family

Spent the evening with Aunt Sis' family. Had pizza @ Karen's house in Ohio, just over the Indiana border. Been raining all day, into the nite. Flood warnings all over the area.

Visiting Aunt Sis

Visiting with Granny's sister Hennie at Cottingham

Rainy Day

Rainy day fun - playing with golf cart under da pavillon. Playing frisbee too

Monday, March 17, 2008

Camped Out in Indiana

Made it to Rising Sun Indiana, and staying at Little Farm on the River RV Resort, after a few wrong turns. settled in, took a walk to see the Ohio River (pretty high). Amy got laundry going, and we took a ride into town to find a local place to eat. Problem was, places close at 7pm, so we ended up at a Subway. Still good, but would have been good to catch some local fare.
Now back in RoadAbode, checked in at work, and now relaxing, while others are straightening up, or doing homework or reading.
Tomorrow, we will go visit "Aunt Sis", who's in a care facility. Then perhaps dinner with her family in a town or two up from here - Lawrenceburg.

Cincinati lunch

Enjoyed a regional favorite - 5 way @ Gold Star Chili

Kentucky Morning

Sun risining on another beautiful day in Kentucky. Will be getting moving toward Indiana soon.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

This Moring and Em Visits Up the Road

The day has basically been lazy for all of us, with only a few family stopping by today.
Amy and I Woke around 6:30a, and just lounged a bit before taking showers, and dressing. We enjoyed some time with Aunt Doris and Uncle John, had coffee, then roused the girls and got ready to meet Susan for Church. Service was good, with (from what I'm told) a pretty new Pastor)

Once Services were over, we scooted back to the Carr homestead for some great leftovers from last night. I sat and just enjoyed listening to the conversations roll along. Kimberly went to RoadAbode and worked on homework, Emily played some games, and I ended up checking in here and the servers at work - checked email, then signed on here. The previous posts from today and yesterday I did via mobile, hence the lack of a lot of description
Amy and Em went visiting up Turner Ridge Road to Susan's home, and visited her barn ...and Goats. Think Em felt like she was at her own private petting zoo!

Good Day, and still a bit to go. Tomorrow we'll be on the road to Indiana.

Dinner Sat nite

This is Amy, Susan, and Chelsie at dinner Sat nite.

Reporting from Kentucky

Morning at Uncle John's

Friday, March 14, 2008

In Breezewood

Spending the Night OUTSIDE of a Best Western - in RoadAbode. Girls are INSIDE, with Granny getting showers and ready for bed.
Got out of work early, (Last night's upgrades went better than anticipated) and helped pack up RoadAbode. Picked up Pizza, Connected RoadToad, and headed West on the PA Turnpike. Was pretty uneventful 3 hour ride - til the last twenty minutes. Pouring rain, lots of hills and curves, and topped with a helping of construction make for crazy driving. Got here fine tho.. and after posting here, will have another slice of 'za, and turn in early.
Should be interesting, boondocking here in Breezewood. (Oh, and Wifey asked permission, so we shouldn't get kicked out in the middle of the night from the Parking lot)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Prepping for Our Trip

Just like a house, RoadAbode needed some "spring cleaning" to ready her for our trip. The forecast was for rain, but we figured we could still get some cleaning done inside. So Saturday picked her up from storage and drove her down. She travelled beautifully. (Well, as beautiful as a lumbering house-on-wheels can) And this time, the weatherman was right - it poured! But it got me to thinking..I could wash her, and wouldn't have to worry about rinsing...and the rain wasn't THAT cold....and those over-winter black streaks down her sides were really unsightly....

So I got out some Awesome cleaner, a bucket, and a long handled brush and gave her a once-over. Notice I didn't say a QUICK once-over, because when you're washing anything that's 30 feet long, and 14 foot high, it's not gonna be quick.

Even though I had my rain gear on I got soaked through. And I started having second thoughts when I saw a bolt of lightning course through the sky, and some loud rumbles of thunder follow. (Did I mention that brush was on an aluminum pole?) But I got done, she looks mighty better, but I'm paying for it today - just achy all over and a nice cough to boot. Cutting out of youth group for the night to try and re-coup.

I did help Amy a lil' bit on the interior, but she handled most of that herself. RoadAbode is looking more Spiffy that usual!

Today after Church and meetings, I prepped RoadToad with her tow brackets. Vehicle-wise, we're roadworthy! Just have to gather the troops food, clothing, and other essentials, and we're ready to be off!