Friday, March 14, 2008

In Breezewood

Spending the Night OUTSIDE of a Best Western - in RoadAbode. Girls are INSIDE, with Granny getting showers and ready for bed.
Got out of work early, (Last night's upgrades went better than anticipated) and helped pack up RoadAbode. Picked up Pizza, Connected RoadToad, and headed West on the PA Turnpike. Was pretty uneventful 3 hour ride - til the last twenty minutes. Pouring rain, lots of hills and curves, and topped with a helping of construction make for crazy driving. Got here fine tho.. and after posting here, will have another slice of 'za, and turn in early.
Should be interesting, boondocking here in Breezewood. (Oh, and Wifey asked permission, so we shouldn't get kicked out in the middle of the night from the Parking lot)

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