Monday, October 30, 2006

Clean Bill of Health!

RoadAbode got a clean bill of health - picked her up and did the reverse of Thursday night. Was a nice peaceful night. New Oil, Flushed Coolant - Checked the belts and hoses - All set for winter...Pics below are pulling into storage.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Not Done Yet

Made a Call to Bergey's around 6pm - Not done yet. Fortunatly not using RoadAbode this weekend. Since they close at Noon Saturday - will have to pick her up Monday Night.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Checkup for RoadAbode

It's time for RoadAbode's annual "Checkup" - Yup - PA State Inspection Time
So after work I drove up to the Storage Place, pulled RoadAbode out, hitched up RoadToad behind and Headed to Bergeys Truck Center in Franconia, PA . Techs are friendly, and seem competent. The ride was nice, even though some of those country roads are pitch black. It was great just taking my time and catching wiffs of woodfires in the fireplaces of homes we passed. Once at Bergey's parked next to two garbage trucks (in for service) and
saw some really nice A Class motorhomes too. Besides the inspection, having oil changed, coolant flushed, and checking belts and hoses. Ride home was quicker - less traffic - but not s fun as driving RoadAbode! Will pick 'er up tomorrow if she's ready.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

HayRide & Bonfire

RoadAbode At MerryMeadToday was the the annual RPC Hayride and Bonfire - and RoadAbode went along to help with the fun. First everyone went on the hayride, two wagons pulled by a tractor. Then when they returned, I had Hotdogs, and 'smores fixings' all ready to go. After everyone had their fill - Sam led us in some praise songs. Was a beautiful nite, and if I could - I'd still be there - boondocking overnight. A few pictures from tonight:

RPC HayRidersRPC HayRiders

RPC HayRidersRPC HayRiders

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tiny RoadTrip

While Amy and Kimberly are away, Emily and I had fun of our own. We took a ride out to Valley Forge, saw the RC airplane 'runway' there, and stopped to look at the log cabins used by the revolutionary war troops of George Washington. Afterward, we headed to see the move "Open Season" - in 3-D no less. It was a great father-daughter day!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Leaving - Nice & Slow

Slept late - didn't wake until 8pm. Grabbed coffee, breakfast and a shower, and took a walk around the campground. In the upper level, saw what looked to be a group getting ready to hit the road. Some nice looking rigs! Many had a toad - using either towbar or dolly. All were really friendly.
Headed back to RoadAbode, and started - nice and slowly - to ready her for the road. Packed most stuff into RoadToad - used her as our "trailer" - less to pack out when we got back to the storage place.
We left right at checkout time - Noon - and only made a stop to top off the gas tank. We were back at the storage lot by 1:30P. Really wish this weekend was longer...
View Out RoadAbode's Dinette Window

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ministry and Shopping in Lancaster

We awoke this morning to a definite temp. drop! I got up and put on coffee and water for tea. Amy got herself ready for a walk to the shower house. She stepped out, and in less than a minute was back in RoadAbode - too cold! She used the shower onboard. I waited till coffee was done, grabbed a cup, collected my shower box, and headed out - was chilly - but the coffee fooled my body enough that it was not that cold outside. After everyone dressed, cleaned up and readied themselves, we went to a filling breakfast @ Bob Evans. The place was hopping, but we were seated relatively quickly. After cleaning off our plates - we continued to the reason we were in Lancaster - to help with The Gain (Global Aid Network) Ministry, specifically Operation CareLift. This ministry started by sending aid to Russia, but now sends aid in the form of clothing, medical supplies and children's ministry and school supplies to other countries in Europe, Africa, and are looking to also send to the Middle East. We met with the youth of RPC, and after a rather lengthy "rah-rah" session by the leaders of GAIN (I just wanted to get going helping) we went to various jobs. Kimberly went with some youth sewing and mending clothes - sewing buttons and such. Amy and Emily tried various jobs, from Gospel Bracelets to Packaging Seed Care packs, to Hugging Prepping and Praying over the Stuffed "Gospel Mice" that were donated by TY (The company that makes Beanie Babies). I stuck it out sorting clothing into piles - Men and women, boys and girls, toddlers sizes. Anything with stains and such - depending on what - were put for seconds, or to be laundered. The goal was to give people only what could be considered 'new' in the clothing line.
After working alongside people from Virginia, New York, Atlantic City, we left in the afternoon and headed to the Lancaster Outlets to start our Christmas Shopping. Dinner was @ KFC (Slow Service!) and then we retreated for the evening to RoadAbode for Dessert, and a movie - the Thief Lord. Great Day!
Emiy at GAIN

Friday, October 13, 2006

Late Start to Our Trip

Was suppose to leave early from work, and get on the road by 5:30pm. Ended up not LEAVING work till 5:15pm. Oh Well. got out by 6:15pm - hitched up RoadToad at the shopping center up the road from home - and had a good trip up to Lancaster. Nestled in @ Country Acres, off Route 30. Got here around 8pm. Leveled and connected electric and water - then out to dinner @ Pizza Paradise - great local pizza place a mile down the road. Came back to the campground - will need the heater tonight!