Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Little Rainy Day Adventure

Well, the Weather was good - for the most part.
From Noon to about 3:30pm, we enjoyed the rides, sights and Food of Knoebels Amusement Park. Catching the Bus was easy, and after the girls rode the Phoenix -(Kimberly and I decided to get Pirogies instead) one of two excellent wooden roller coasters here- and one or two other rides, we stopped for lunch - Chicken fries. and a hot sausage sandwich for me, washed down by a birch beer. Yumm! Dessert were small (Which are pretty big!) soft serve cones of Peanut Butter Cup Swirl.
We split for a bit, then met up with the girls again. 4pm (next was 6pm) was when the shuttle bus to the campground was due, and it started to drizzle as the girls took a ride on the Skyway - a converted ski lift ride. When they returned - a bit damp - we decided to get on the shuttle, go back, have a dinner of Cincinnati Style Chili, and then assess the weather.
During dinner, as we ate under the canopy, we decided as long as it didn't downpour, we would head back to the park on the 5:30p shuttle, hit the museums if it rained, and catch some rides in between. This worked perfectly! We hit the Haunted house (second time for Kim and Em Senior) and when the rain came, we went to the Carousel Museum, Coal Museum, and Knoebels Museum. Girls also rode the Whipper, and carousel, both under roofs. Girls did a bit of shopping for shirts at one of the shops. We even grabbed some snacks in between as well. We closed up the park at 8pm, and caught the shuttle back.
Girls had showers in RoadAbode, and me in the campground (not the best shower house, but I've see worse)
Just watching some cartoons and movies, and logging in here, and enjoying some more snacks...listening to the rain that held off during our day, finally come down.
A great day of fun, and working around the weather was really not that much of a hindrance.
A few pics of the day.
Beautiful Morning

Before Hopping on the Skyway

Train Ride
Going for the Brass Ring

Carosel Ride
The Italian trapeze
The Motorized Old Fashioned Cars


The Whip

Good Morning!

Totally blue skies! Can't wait to get over to the park!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rainy Start to the Weekend

Got out of work early, helped finish packing RoadAbode, then headed out about 5pm with the girls (and one extra in tow) headed toward Lake Glory, in Elysburg - which is right by Knoebels Amusement Park. Been raining , from a slight drizzle to downpour all the way up here. Looks like it may rain tomorrow too.
Enjoyed the usual Friday Night Pizza, then some DVDs (No cable here)
We'll se how the weather is tomorrow.