Sunday, August 30, 2009


Back @ camp, some ice cream and then the blueberry hunters are off again. Molly + I are enjoying the warmth of the sun + passing breeze by the picnic table.

On our Hike

Enjoying Little Falls

Beautiful Sunday

Beautiful morning @ Camp RoadAbode! Going on a hike 2 Little Falls

Saturday, August 29, 2009

More blueberries!

Multimedia message

Blueberries from our campsite!

Promiseland S.P. Explore

Late morning, took a walk with Am and Molly @ 8am very foggy and misty - like we were walking thru clouds. Am made a Great breakfast of pancakes! Plain, blueberry - even walnut! Coffee and fresh orange juice complemented for a great breakfast.
Didn't sleep well, keep dreaming about how to get the RPC Rainbarrels to be more efficient in collecting and storing water.
Around 10am we finally got ourselves together to take a hike at Conservation Island, a beautiful area with moss covered rocks, fields of fern, and plenty of high-bush blueberry to snack on the way. After Conservation Island, we checked out the Promiseland Store, and the Concession Stand @ the Lake Beach. Drove to the Bear Wallow Nature observation area, and Did a full drive around the lake. Back by around 1pm for a simple lunch of soup and crackers. May check out the Concession Stand for a quick dinner later.
Had a shower (The best showers I've ever seen in a state park) then caught up on some reading.

Right now the girls are picking more blueberries right at our campsite, as the perimeter of our site is edged by high-bush blueberry. Good eatin', and great fun!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rainy Ride and Dining in Promiseland

This weekend's adventure is a trip to Promise land State Park, near Greentown, PA. A large state park, it has gotten some great review at RV Park Reviews on the web. Ended up having to state at work longer that expected, we still got on the road by about 2pm. Slow ups on the Northeast Turnpike caused us to take about 3 1/2 hours to get to our campsite. We stopped at the Park office, and Am inquired about a local pizza joint. Before the ranger could make a recommendation, a fellow camper blurted out - Oh, you gotta go to Promiseland Inn! We took him up on his recommendation.
Was a new experience for the girls, they had never been in a small-town bar/eatery before. They were a bit uneasy at first, but took to the place once the food came around. We dined on appetizers of Perogies and "Nacho Grande" The perogies were wonderful, slightly crispy on the edges with doughy goodness on the inner parts, filled with mashed potato with a hint of bacon. Yummy. The Nachos were the strangest Nachos we've ever encountered. a fried tortia bowl, on it's side, filled to overflowing with a mix of lettuce, salsa, black olives, kidney beans, chili ground beef, and drizzled over with cheese sauce. strange, but we enjoyed every bite!
Then came out our main course, an x-large half pepperoni pizza. Thin crust, with the pepperoni almost crisp, it was very tasty. Washed down with either fountain coke, or local made birch beer, it was a great meal.
I'd recommend stopping by if you are camping in Promiseland.
Once back at camp, we watch a little TV, and then off to bed, falling asleep to the sound of the rain. Good start to the weekend.