Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Project - Winterizing RoadAbode

On Sunday, after a filling and yummy breakfast at Bird-in-Hand, we took the girls on a winding ride through the back-roads of Lancaster. Plenty of fields, farm and cattle as we slowly wound our way on unknown roads. I was looking for something more elusive, and we finally came upon it! For the Amish, church is not found in a building, but in a body of people.
Amish church occurs every two weeks, rotating among members of a given church district. An Amish family will prepare well ahead of time for church, cleaning the home and getting together food for the after-church meal. Visiting and viewing a member’s home for church is also an informal means of helping to uphold church standards. Amish housewives in particular will take pains to present a tidy home. A large enclosed wagon, known as a church wagon, will bring the benches and song books the Amish use to its latest destination. Looking between building we were passing - we found the Church Wagon!

After riding a bit more, we turned on Lola our GPS and headed toward RockVale Outlets, where we dropped the girls off to do some shopping, While A and I headed back to RoadAbode to begin winterizing. Winterizing is not too difficult, but it does help to have an empty "house" while you do it. We remove the mattress and get under the platform of the bed. here is where the fresh water tank and water-pump are located. We empty the tank of all water by turning the valves located there. (Actually, A does it, because it's a bit of a tight squeeze for me!) View of the water-pump below

While A was doing that, I drained the hot water heater, and then flipped the bypass valve, seen below.
We then open the water valves inside, and using a hose adapter, connect a bottle of RV water system antifreeze to the waterworks panel in the basement, and turn on the pump. We keep it on until we see the pink antifreeze run out of all the spigots, and the toilet. This protects all the water lines from freezing in the winter. We also pour a little into all the sink and shower traps.
Last thing is to flush out the black and grey tanks, and we were all set for winter. Took a total of about 2 and a half hours, which included some cleaning and repacking of the basement. Next trip out, will probably be in March!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Near sunset

Amish Farmer behind our campsite
As the shadows grew long into the afternoon, Molly, A, and I sat at the bench 0f an empty campsite near ours and watched as an Amish Farmer and his team of horses strode back and forth, methodically working the rows in the field before us. As the sun dropped in the sky, so did the the temperatures, bringing on the chill of the evening.
After our walk, we headed to the Stolzfus Farm Restaurant with the girls. A special treat since we had K's friend along, this Authentic Farmhouse has been serving the same traditional meal since 1968. The only change has been additional desserts. We enjoyed Homemade bread, apple butter, apple sauce, Chow-Chow salad, Pepper Cabbage, Homemade Sausage (made in their own butcher shop), Crispy deep-fried chicken, Homemade Hamloaf, Corn, Green beans, Candied sweet potatoes, Brown buttered noodles, Potato stuffing and chicken gravy. Every time we go, we always enjoy this unique eating experience.
After our wonderful meal, we came back to RoadAbode and enjoyed watching Toy Story 3. Well, the girls enjoyed it, I think A and I both fell asleep halfway thru. We'll have to catch it again some other time.

Pictures from the Alpaca Farm

Feeding alpacas

Feeding alpacas

Eastland Alpaca Farm

Today we had fun traveling out to Eastland Alpaca Farm, in Mt. Joy. Alpacas could be considered “South American” sheep. We were amazed at how tame and docile they were. According to the obstacle course demonstration by the 4-H club, alpacas can be trained similarly to dogs. We had a great time learning about these unique creatures!

Frosty Morn

Frosty morn in Lancaster! Molly was excited on our walk, lots of great smells. Later, the farmers market + an alpacha farm! Ri