Saturday, November 13, 2010

Near sunset

Amish Farmer behind our campsite
As the shadows grew long into the afternoon, Molly, A, and I sat at the bench 0f an empty campsite near ours and watched as an Amish Farmer and his team of horses strode back and forth, methodically working the rows in the field before us. As the sun dropped in the sky, so did the the temperatures, bringing on the chill of the evening.
After our walk, we headed to the Stolzfus Farm Restaurant with the girls. A special treat since we had K's friend along, this Authentic Farmhouse has been serving the same traditional meal since 1968. The only change has been additional desserts. We enjoyed Homemade bread, apple butter, apple sauce, Chow-Chow salad, Pepper Cabbage, Homemade Sausage (made in their own butcher shop), Crispy deep-fried chicken, Homemade Hamloaf, Corn, Green beans, Candied sweet potatoes, Brown buttered noodles, Potato stuffing and chicken gravy. Every time we go, we always enjoy this unique eating experience.
After our wonderful meal, we came back to RoadAbode and enjoyed watching Toy Story 3. Well, the girls enjoyed it, I think A and I both fell asleep halfway thru. We'll have to catch it again some other time.

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