Friday, September 30, 2005

Our First Rally

After a busy, busy day - doing everything from fixing a toilet to swapping tapes on a server, to getting Opa settled at home from the hospital, we finally got to HollyShores Campground - where Hitcharama is holding their annual Customer Appreciation Rally. Arrive @ 8:30PM - Nothing like setting up in the dark. Having a hard time leveling - since we are parked on sand.
No campfires because it's too dry - so no big group bonfire tonight. :-(
HollyShores does have LinkSpot and since we are "close to the Action" I have a pretty good Signal! :-)
Tried Posting with the new cameraphone - can post text - but can't post with mms (pictures).
We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

First Annual Bike Trek

We Did the First Annual BikeTrek for RPC Youth after church today.
We had only a handful - but it was a good test for a first time out. We dropped of the youth @ the Conchy Train Staion - Kevin drove the church van with some in it - and pulled the trailer full of bikes. Diane was the 'female liason" to ride with the girls. We had a few in RoadAbode and Dropped them off - then headed to Betzwood Park and waited for them to arrive. Kevin estimated it would take 1 to maybe 2 hours for them to show. We no sooner setup camp at the Park when the first two raced in - Sam and Mindy
We got them watered and snacked and started the grill for the hotdogs.
Eventually, everyone showed in about 90 minutes.
We ate, had some time for prayer, and then they headed back - and so did we.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ice-Cream, Ponies, and the Pool DO Mix....

Yep - for the past few days - the hardest decision is what flavor ice-cream you want to eat. Emily goes for an old favorite- soft serve swirl (chocolate and vanilla) but is "test-driving " regular and pretzel cones. Jury is out on which she likes best.
Kimberly is trying the weird flavors, with names like moose tracks. Hey, it's ice-cream, how bad can it be?
Amy is staying conservative too - with a changeup of milk-shakes.
Me - I'm torn between "vacation mode" and watching my weight, so I go with the soft Serve "kiddie cones" - they are really big enough for me.
Here's some pix of the girls enjoying some cold delights

Yesterday the big event (Next to the Ice-cream Stand) was the pony rides. Kimberly was not interested, but Emiy took 3 Rides. Even stood in line by herself!
Right now we are all by the pool (as I type this!)
It's a little cool for Amy and I, so the girls are playing together in the water, while Amy reads, and I edit pictures and write.

Sunday Morning

Just Getting Ready - Leaving Seashore Campsites
Last night we went to the Gospel Sing - was great, but we left early (9:30pm)
This morning getting Ready to go to church service.
Granny would love the down-home, "twangy" feel to the singers both last night & today - we got her a CD "The Cash Family Singers" who led worship music today.

Also Ran into Brenda Anglin - was camping here with friends - small world we live in.
We are truly thankful for the RoadAbode & the experiences God has given us this long weekend.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Playing at SeaShore Campsites

Kimberly Emily Amy & I have had a great time checking out the pool and Playgrounds. Here's a pick of Emily "Hanging Out" at the Poolside Playground.
Had problems adding to the previous Post - But worked fine when creating this new one.
This morning Amy, Emiy and I checked out the flea market at the Pavillion, we bought a Cape May Shirt for Kimberly and raffle tickets. The raffle is for the Relief Effort after Hurricane Katrina

Friday, September 02, 2005

Laid Back at Seashore Campsites

The day started off with me having to access the network, answer some emails and walk someone thru logging onto one of our new scheduling servers - no biggie.
We went on an 'explore' of the campground, and walked to the swimming lake and lake playground. The day was pretty laidback with swimming - in the pool, mini-golf, and ice cream - and an afternoon nap for me.
Everyone has their own way of relaxing - the picture below is of Kimberly cross-stitching, her latest hobby. Emily enjoyes reading in her bunk, and Amy is planning our upcoming adventures

Below is RoadAbode in her home for the next few days, Cardinal Row, Site 8

As I write this , the girls are on the nightly haywagon ride around the campground.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

On the Way to Cape May.....

We are currently at SeaShore Campsites in Cape May New Jersey. Nice, Clean Quiet campground (at least until the weekenders start coming) and I'm posting this Signed on to LinkSpot. First time I've paid for the service - and a bit pricey, ($6 a day) but I'm using it to check Servers @ Work. Sites are on the Small side, But the hookups and site itself are very clean - and look like it was recently upgraded. pool is great, they have a snack bar and camp store - and staff have been very friendly