Friday, September 02, 2005

Laid Back at Seashore Campsites

The day started off with me having to access the network, answer some emails and walk someone thru logging onto one of our new scheduling servers - no biggie.
We went on an 'explore' of the campground, and walked to the swimming lake and lake playground. The day was pretty laidback with swimming - in the pool, mini-golf, and ice cream - and an afternoon nap for me.
Everyone has their own way of relaxing - the picture below is of Kimberly cross-stitching, her latest hobby. Emily enjoyes reading in her bunk, and Amy is planning our upcoming adventures

Below is RoadAbode in her home for the next few days, Cardinal Row, Site 8

As I write this , the girls are on the nightly haywagon ride around the campground.

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