Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Had stayed up late - to about 2am - watching Cable (Deadliest Catch?) and looking at pics we had taken at the gardens. Slept til about 8am, then had a breakfast of French Toast while Am & Kim hit the Showers (I had one last night, and Em was waiting til we got home)
Watched Cartoons with Em, then got dressed and started prepping for travel. Took a walk with Am - to look at group tenting (not impressed) for RPC, but it would still be a great place to camp with Church - if everyone gets a site or cabin. Just more expensive than state park camping.
We left by a little before noon, and pulled into Roadabode's home by about 1:30 or so. (just made one stop along the way)
Had a late lunch at Olive Garden, then we parted ways - I stopped to check in at work, the girls home for a meeting.
Great weekend to add to our memories!

Feeding Fish at Longwood

A short Video - from my "Swiss Army Knife" Cellphone - Background Music by Susan Cagle - Song - "Dream"

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beautiful Longwood

Enjoyed a beautiful Day at Longwood. It actually hit about 75F or so as we strolled around the Dupont Estate. The history here is amazing, and the Conservatory and new Children's Garden are just a joy to explore. After The conservatory, we headed down to the Italian Water Garden, and the pond that use to hold tons of golden carp. Less Carp, but a few sunny and catfish to feed. We headed past the Italian Water Garden and to a more naturalized area of the Gardens. Down a wooden walkway, and to a bridge, and we got to feed some of the biggest Catfish I have ever seen! 16 to 24 inches long, with huge heads, had fun feeding them for a while.
We headed up past the meadow, and the out to get a bite to eat ourselves at a Wendys about a mile up the road. After lunch we headed back to Longwood to go to the Carillon Bell Tower and Rock gardens, and "suggestion Garden" After exploring there, we split, Amy and Emily going to make a kite with the visiting Lehigh Valley and Pocono Kite symphonies, and Kimberly and I Explored the Conservatory a bit more. We met up again, check the spring bulbs gardens, the out for a quick stop to the gift shop, Walmart, and then back to RoadAbode.
Had a good dinner of Cincinnati Style Chili, and ice cream for dessert. Some cable, Checked in at work, and shower, and in for the night. A few pics from today:

West Chester and Longwood

Had a great roadtrip down to the West Chester KOA last night. Travel time was about a little over an hour. After pulling in, unhooked RoadToad, got propane and then were escorted to our site. All the staff were really friendly, even though we were checking in right a closing time. Two guys did the propane, and two ladies did the check in procedures, and getting us to the site. Up on a hill, we have a good view over the new Activity building and the office, (Nice to see they are keeping up and making capital improvements!)and are right across from a private residence (the owners?) Getting into the site could have gone smoother, but that's because I misread some of Amy's handsignals. (meh, it was dark, and I was tired)
Site is amazingly level, given that the whole campground is on rolling green hills. Got all set up, had our Friday night pizza (little frozen ones, but good) and while the girls watched some cable, I signed in to do some server updates and fix some cell sync issues. Worked on that til about Midnight, then headed to bed.
Oh yeah, and it's WARM. About 70, so we actually had the door open ...til it started to downpour. Rained off and on from right after we were done setting up, til we went to bed. Little lightning too.

Today, got up about 8am, put coffee on, and about to have an omelet. Heading to Longwood Gardens today. Looks like a beautiful day too, about 65 and blue skies. I'm ready for a good day!