Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back from Another Awesome Lancaster Weekend

We were able to enjoy an early weekend starting Thursday with our friends the Garcias.  Though a bit rainy we still able to enjoy some great meals, sights, and conversations. 
After getting RoadAbode settled in Thursday, was able to hit a new favorite for dinner, the Oregon Dairy Restaurant. Recommend trying their buffet for a great meal including some regional favorites.  After a simple Bagel and Cream-cheese breakfast Friday was a full day of taking the Lancaster tour provided by our campground,  Country Acres.  Our guide was Ed, a local "english" farmer. Ed was quite genial and knowledgeable about the history and heritage of the area. After stopping at an Amish goods store and a quilt store, we headed out on our own to The Green Dragon in Ephrata, PA , a large flea market. Plenty of unique things (and people) to see, and fresh food to be enticed by. Enjoyed a sausage sandwich at a small Amish food stand, and fresh berries for some dessert. On the way back to RoadAbode, we stopped for some outlet shopping at the Tanger Shoppes  Did more browsing than shopping. We stopped back to RoadAbode for a short rest, then Out for Pizza at Paradisio Pizza in Paradise  Pa. John, the owner was not there, and something seemed off without him or the kids there.Pizza was good (chicken ranch) but the vibe of the place was not right. After dinner conversed and snacked into the night. Was a great time of getting to know one another better.
Got a late start Saturday morn (8am) and had eggs and home-fries for breakfast. took a walk around the campground, dreaming of having a church camping trip - perhaps in 2014? Then checked out the eclectic Almost Paradise Barn - where the Garcias marveled at the age and construction of the building. We packed up RoadAbode after our walk, then hooked up the toad and headed to the Rockvale Outlets for some more shopping. After a few hours of shopping Amy warmed up some nachos and chili for a pre-ride-home snack. RoadTrip home was uneventful, so much so that Ray even had the ability to take a short nap on the bed in back while we trundled along. 
Amazingly fun, though simple, weekend RoadTrip to Lancaster. Great to be out with friends!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Here's camping in Twenty-thirteen

All on their droids...
Camping with Teens these days
Three Tech Geeks

Thoughts on First tow of the Fit

After  deciding to use magnetic tow lights the Fit was different, but not any more complicated to setup as a "toad" then the Accord.  In fact on the road it was almost scary how little I felt the car behind us. Since it's shorter, hardly see the Fit being pulled along even on the Cloverleafs of the turnpike. Had to use an adapter to go from the rv 7 blade round to 4 flat electrical connector. First one purchased from Pep Boys wouldn't fit, and the one that did seems to have slid out on the way - enough to kill the connection. We'll try again on the way home. Not a roadblock to towing, just a bump in the road.
Looking forward to a few days out again end of this week. No dog, no girls, just adult time. Lancaster again, but different part, so different things to do.

"Camp RoadAbode"

Great weekend in Lancaster.  Basically did a lot of "nothing". Started out rainy but ended up being beautiful.