Sunday, July 23, 2006

RPC Camping Trip

Well I missed another big one - but at least I got to help setup. By error I selected the wrong days off, and by the time I realized it, someone else on my team had already planned a trip to California.
The RPC Camping Trip was to Lake in Wood again, and is a time for families from Roxborough Presbyterian to get together and enjoy the outdoors, and reflect on the wonders our Lord has laid out for us. Amy thought it was a good idea for me to enjoy at least the afternoon. So we readied RoadAbode Saturday nite - and Amy drove her to church Sunday morning, with me following in RoadToad. Granny decided to go for the ride too. After services, we hooked up RoadToad and waited for a few people that wanted to follow us up. And waited. And waited. Was a good thing, because Mr. Jack still needed a little help, he showed up to collect the church trailer (sans keys), tables, and coffee urn. Helped him a little, then got on the road - after calling the people who still were not there to follow us up. Ride was pretty uneventful, except when we got to the campground, Found out the electric umbilical had popped out of RoadAbode, and was dragging underneath RoadToad. It's pretty shredded. (Already have a new one on order).
Once at the campground, as people started to arrive, we helped set them up (those we could) and found out we had a pavillion to use! Was not the big one from last year, but with the addition of Mr. Jack's party tent, worked out pretty well. After dinner, (Huge HotDogs & Excellent Burgers!!!) and devotions around the campfire in Brotherhood Circle, Granny and I headed home.
I'm bummed about missing out, but at least had some fun with them.
Still gonna miss Shady Maple though!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

2 Wheeling Emily...

Emily Learned to ride a 2-wheeler today! She felt she was ready, so we walked up to the rear parkinglot of Saul High School - and Amy and I both gave her tips, and after a few times running along side - she took off on her own! Only had a few minor crashes, no major bumps or bruises.
Great Job!