Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Just" another family weekend

Something I don't want to take for granted.  It's a bit amazing in this age of connectivity that all four of us still looked forward to being disconnected (maybe not totally) and away - with each other.  This weekend we were at Pine Hill RV Park, in Kutztown,  Pa. Between route 78 and old 22 we were backed up to a small farm with a llama,  horse,  donkey and a few dogs as their pets, and our entertainment. Road noise from 78 would bother country folk, but not us urban dwellers. It was pretty peaceful.
We toured Yuengling brewery, climbed Hawk Mountain, and drove some beautiful country side. Ate a few interesting meals, and didn't quite finish a bottle of 2012 Cayuga from Pinnacle Winery - a mile from our campsite.
But the best part - we were together with no life interruptions to take us away.
With the girls (and myself) getting older, don't know how many more weekends we will still have together like that.