RoadAbode is a 2004 Coachmen Road Master Class C motorhome. This particular model of Coachmen was primarily used as a rental unit. Systems are easy to use and figure out. We purchase RoadAbode from a rental company with 36,000 miles on the odometer. She had been a rental unit for a season. RoadAbode is 29 feet long.
RoadAbode & the Fit at Hickory Run State Park in Pennsylvania
RoadAbode & the Fit at Hickory Run State Park in PA
The house portion includes an overhead bunk, a sofa and dinette with table. Both the sofa and dinette convert to sleep areas, and a queen bed in rear. The kitchen area includes a three burner stove, oven, microwave, dual sink, and refrigerator. A whole house air conditioner can also be used, but on the road the cab air usually suffices. Although we don't usually do "hardcore" cooking while driving, we could using our on-board generator and propane tank.  We also have shower and toilet, which are able to be used as we rumble down the road because they are connected to both a fresh and hold tanks for water.When we are at a RV park, we can usually connect to water, electric, cable and sewer, and many times WiFi too!Many of RoadAbode's systems have dual modes of being powered, so we can use them both when connected, or on the road or "boondocking".
The chassis (driving part) is a Ford E450, which is a heavy duty model, used for Class C motorhomes, small transit buses, and ambulances. The engine is a Triton V-10  dual-valve SOHC, 310 hp.used for both Class A & C motorhomes. The engine sits between the driver and front passenger, slightly forward, but with a large "doghouse" between.
Because of our chassis power and towing capacity, we are able to tow our 2007 Honda Fit behind. This helps when we are on an adventure - by not having to break camp every time we want to explore our new surroundings. The Fit also uses less gas as we trek and explore than RoadAbode would.

RoadAbode Crew

Mike - Grew up in the East Falls section of Philadelphia, the same neighborhood as the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.
Corning Museum, Corning, NY
Corning Museum, Corning, NY
Travel was not something that was enjoyed by my parents growing up. Part of this may have been their biggest adventure - packing up and moving themselves and my brother from Germany to the United States in 1957. To afford the trip my father worked as part of the crew on the ship that brought them over. They landed in New York City, and were ushered onto a train to Philadelphia. My parents and brother came not knowing the language, and only had my aunt and a cousin as family ties in the area.  They settled into northwestern Philadelphia, living with my aunt's family for a short time, then moving to a rental house, and finally purchasing a home. The park-side small row home they never moved from and was where I was raised.
Any  vacations with my parents were usually no more than three days, mostly to the Pocono mountains or the Jersey shore.  My brother - Thirteen years my senior - first lite the flame of exploration and travel when he took me on roadtrips to Vermont & New Hampshire. Though my parents did not enjoy travelling far, they did enjoy hiking and picking wild foods, introducing and encouraging me to try new tastes and discover wildlife on our treks into Philadelphia's wooded countryside. my brother through the years encouraged me by bringing his little brother along on hikes on the Appalachian trail, and was the first to introduce me to a new cool learning tool of the early 90's - the World Wide Web.

RoadAbode Crew Mike & Amy
Mike & Amy
Amy - Grew up in the Northwestern section of Philadelphia, but made frequent roadtrips to Northern Kentucky to visit family as a girl.

She was also fortunate to do a cross country roadtrip with her mother and grandmother as a teenager, right before we met. She learned how to drive the US highways and byways (through construction) on that trip! Her parents were frequent travelers, and I enjoyed hearing their adventures, especially those her parents enjoyed together in their elder years. Amy's love of the outdoors was cultivated by summers on Arrowhead lake in the Pocono Mountains, and trips to back country areas visiting the rolling hills of Kentucky.
Our other travel companions are our two girls - who are now in their teens and twenty's - and still enjoying RoadTrips with us. Molly the pup, our Lhasa-poo rescue, rounds out the crew.

RoadAbode Crew at Boulder Field, Hickory Run State Park PA
Boulder Field, Hickory Run State Park, PA
Out love for travel is based on enjoying new places and re-visiting favorites together and with our family.
We started our traveling adventures camping by tent, and staying in hotels. Soon we started researching and going to RV shows. What really inspired me to get an RV was following the Tioga and George blog. Though George does not travel much anymore, his stories of travelling the western United States, and into Mexico piqued my interest so that I decided to purchase a simple motorhome. That's how we came to own RoadAbode.
We have been traveling together for over twenty-five years, and for over ten years with RoadAbode. The RVing lifestyle suits us well. Having a place to call home wherever we go is truly a blessing.
The RoadAbode Crew is currently based in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Easy access to some main highways to drive RoadAbode onward to more adventures. Since I have past 50 now, we're looking forward and dreaming how we can travel longer, further and have more adventures RVing. We hope to be expanding our RVing travels outside of the Eastern US soon. If you have questions, or want to just drop us a note and chat about the RVing lifestyle, we'd love to hear from you.

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