The Adventures & Travels of RoadAbode Disclaimer

Thanks for reading! Seriously, it's awesome that you actually read so far that you went to this page. We're not big into legalese, but we wanted you to know some  things up front. We hope you are excited to take your kids, friends, and the family dog and get out - experience some RVing adventures of your own. Make Memories! If you are just sitting there in your skivvies reading, that's OK by us. Please don't sent pictures.
However, please understand ~ anything read here on this blog you try or any places you go that we've shared about are at your own risk. We are not providing any type of professional advice, just sharing our own RVing lifestyle experiences.  The RoadAbode Crew wants you to know that the information we share here is for your entertainment, and for some general information about the RVing lifestyle. You are reading The Adventures & Travels of RoadAbode blog of your own free will. If the voices in your head are telling you otherwise, please seek professional help - (ProTip - we are not it!) All that just means you agree to hold us harmless because you went to or did something we just happened to share and write about - and it didn't turn out like you expected.

So here's is where we let you know that, unless otherwise noted, the RoadAbode Crew are the legal copyright holders of all material on The Adventures & Travels of RoadAbode blog and that others (including him, her, them and you) cannot use it to reprint or publish without our written consent. All photos and videos are property of the RoadAbode Crew too, unless otherwise credited. So that means our photos and/or videos may not be reproduced or used elsewhere without permission.  Swiper, no swiping!. Hey, if you would like to purchase them, (or to work with us) just let us know.  Our wine and cheese funds quite often run low.

We have a few advertisers that the RoadAbode Crew works with on this RV Travel blog. We want you to know, if an item or service you purchased from them didn't live up to your expectations, please take action with that company to resolve any issues, not with the RoadAbode Crew. Also, please be aware we are not responsible for the privacy practices of any of our advertisers or someone who comments on this blog. Be kind to one another people!

Oh, and if anyone comes along and offers us  an island in the Caribbean with house and paid staff, or some big money, the RoadAbode Crew reserve the right to change the focus on this blog, to shut it down, sell it, or to change the terms of use (like, actually get paid!) at our own discretion. (Wouldn't you?)

We love to hear from you! Tell us your RVing dreams, and passions. Ask questions, and tell us your RVing stories. Show us your RVing pictures! (just please, no skivvies)  Sometimes we like to share on the blog what you shared with us. If we do, we will always post your authorship (give credit) where it is due.
If you subscribe, comment to the blog, or otherwise contact us, the RoadAbode Crew will not sell any of your personal or contact information to another company. We will not put your information on any of those icky spam lists. None. Nada, uh-uh. Not us. We don't like those things either. Peace!