Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lake-in-Wood Full Day of Fun

Woke around 6:30am, got coffee brewing, and enjoyed the sounds of birds - and just the quietness of the surrounding woods. After some breakfast, Amy & I went for a short bike ride and then got to work replacing 2 cracked roof vents. Each vent was under a Maxxi-Air cover, so Amy took those off on RoadAbode's roof, while I worked inside to remove the internal moulding, screen, and vent mechanism. We did both vents in less than an hour. While we were finishing up , Emily took a spill on her bike - that scared us all (right into a boulder!) She was okay, but shaken up.
A family bike ride was next, and we went to check out the 'Gnome Cafe" - and stayed for lunch. Not too expensive, and good food. Emily enjoyed time on the playground, and we all had ice-cream for dessert.
After lunch, we tried our luck fishing. Emily and Amy also took a paddle boat ride. Good thing, because they helped me out when I got my line tangled up in a partially submerged tree branch.
After fishing, I had a surprise for the girls, an inexpensive remote control plane I had picked up at Radio Shack. Kimberly turned out to be the Best "pilot" - keeping the plane aloft for the longest time, and making some great turns!
While Emily, Kimberly and I played, Amy got together sloppy joes for dinner.
A Campfire with marshmallows and cooked pears made for a great family-time dessert.
A little Cable TV - then off to bed - Great Day - Full of Fun!

Friday, April 20, 2007

In the Woods!

Long day of work - Finished fishing out the bugs of ISA server (still have some tweaks to do) but am REALLY ready to get out to Lake-In-Wood Campground in Lancaster. Amy brought RoadAbode home last night. When I got home today, finished packing her up, loaded up the bikerack, and stopped by Tony A's for the Traditional Friday Night Pizza - and away we went! What's nice about Lake-In-Wood is it's only an hour or so away. Ride up was pretty easy - especially once we were past the Construction up to Valley Forge on the Turnpike. Check in was quick, and we even were escorted to our site. Setup/Leveling took less than a half hour - then took a walk to the Store to get some firewood. Temp is right around 65F, but sinking. Plenty of Stars out to admire. Clear night.
I noticed that when we camp, I'm "Cool" again in my children's eyes. Kimberly even held my hand as we walked and talked up to the store. we all 4 seem so more relaxed. Pressures are off, and we are not so stern and tense.
Thanks Lord for a great start to the weekend. Thanks for the time I can spend with my family.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Some work before the Storm

Weather is suppose to be bad starting this evening, so the girls, Amy & I went to storage early to replace 2 cracked Vent lids (their under the MaxxiAirs) and fix the 4 prong connector we bent in Kentucky. Ordered all the parts from PPL Motorhomes in Texas. Found out the vents were the wrong type - so only can do the electrical.

Did it nice and slow - made a diagram of the electrical connections, worked out pretty well. Emily Helped cleaning off some West Virginia and Kentucky bugs that were left on RoadAbode's front.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Adventure (and MIS-Adventure) in Kentucky

Ride down thru West Virginia into Kentucky went smoothly after our stay at Hampton Inn in Buckhannon West Virginia, which is near where the Sago Mine explosion in Jan 2006 occurred.
Things went well, untill we tried using Route 199 to cut over to 632/192 for Phelps. Amy wanted to try a new route to get to Phelps more directly - Route 199
Seems 199 is on the map, but turns into a gravel road that looks like a small driveway - twisting up the side of the mountain. (Even Lola our new GPS said so!) Tried doing a turn around. could'nt make it - almost got stuck.. Went on forward, and was waved down by a gent sitting on his porch halfway up a hill - he came down and jumped in - and directed us to the place "all the school buses turn around" about a 1/2 mile up further on the road. Headed back out to the main road - with our tail between our legs - but all still safe and sound.
Finally made it to Phelps about an hour late. Great to see Our friends Justin and Leia - and she is looking great in the part of "expectant mother"!

Assessed RoadAbode - bent up her electrical connection for RoadToad on our little adventure on 199, but will fix that when we are backhome in Philly.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Explorer Trip - Kentucky

Took RoadAbode, Along with Bob D., Granny and we 4, and headed out after Palm Sunday Service (With a GREAT Cantata of Drama and Music) on our way to Phelps Kentucky. Trip down was pretty easy, some rain, and no real construction to deal with.
Our primary mission is to meet with Justin, the minister there - to go over objectives and check out possible work projects for the Mission team coming in July - to do in Phelps and surrounding area - anything from things that need to be done in the church, to helping with their Vacation Bible School, to doing projects for those with a need in the community.
On our way, made a stop for a few pix @ Sidling Hill - Which is a geological and engineering marvel. Presently staying in West Virginia at a Hampton Inn. Had a great dinner @ Bob Evans on the way. RoadAbode performed like a champ!