Friday, April 20, 2007

In the Woods!

Long day of work - Finished fishing out the bugs of ISA server (still have some tweaks to do) but am REALLY ready to get out to Lake-In-Wood Campground in Lancaster. Amy brought RoadAbode home last night. When I got home today, finished packing her up, loaded up the bikerack, and stopped by Tony A's for the Traditional Friday Night Pizza - and away we went! What's nice about Lake-In-Wood is it's only an hour or so away. Ride up was pretty easy - especially once we were past the Construction up to Valley Forge on the Turnpike. Check in was quick, and we even were escorted to our site. Setup/Leveling took less than a half hour - then took a walk to the Store to get some firewood. Temp is right around 65F, but sinking. Plenty of Stars out to admire. Clear night.
I noticed that when we camp, I'm "Cool" again in my children's eyes. Kimberly even held my hand as we walked and talked up to the store. we all 4 seem so more relaxed. Pressures are off, and we are not so stern and tense.
Thanks Lord for a great start to the weekend. Thanks for the time I can spend with my family.

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