Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lake-in-Wood Full Day of Fun

Woke around 6:30am, got coffee brewing, and enjoyed the sounds of birds - and just the quietness of the surrounding woods. After some breakfast, Amy & I went for a short bike ride and then got to work replacing 2 cracked roof vents. Each vent was under a Maxxi-Air cover, so Amy took those off on RoadAbode's roof, while I worked inside to remove the internal moulding, screen, and vent mechanism. We did both vents in less than an hour. While we were finishing up , Emily took a spill on her bike - that scared us all (right into a boulder!) She was okay, but shaken up.
A family bike ride was next, and we went to check out the 'Gnome Cafe" - and stayed for lunch. Not too expensive, and good food. Emily enjoyed time on the playground, and we all had ice-cream for dessert.
After lunch, we tried our luck fishing. Emily and Amy also took a paddle boat ride. Good thing, because they helped me out when I got my line tangled up in a partially submerged tree branch.
After fishing, I had a surprise for the girls, an inexpensive remote control plane I had picked up at Radio Shack. Kimberly turned out to be the Best "pilot" - keeping the plane aloft for the longest time, and making some great turns!
While Emily, Kimberly and I played, Amy got together sloppy joes for dinner.
A Campfire with marshmallows and cooked pears made for a great family-time dessert.
A little Cable TV - then off to bed - Great Day - Full of Fun!

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