Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lunch and Visiting New Places

After perusing the Farmers market, we headed to the Mini-golf. Alas, they didn't open till 11:30, so we decided to head back to let Molly have a good explore around the campground, and then had a lunch of leftover pizza, sandwiches, and some treats we picked up at farmers market.
We also had picked up some brochures, and found a coupon for the Waters Edge Mini-Golf, where we planned to head back to. We also thought the Toy Train Museum looked fun, and then hit Intercourse Pretzel Factory for a delicious snack.
As we drove from place to place, the Amish farmers were out with their teams of horses preparing fields for planting. Even though it was cool out, still was a great weekend to be camping with family.
A few pictures:

A Beautiful Morning by the Farm

Molly the pup slept by our feet all night. She provided a little extra heat for the 42 degrees it is outside, but we all are cozy in our sleeping bags. Am took Molly on her morning walk about 6:30, and I put on coffee. Girls are still sleeping, but we'll rustle them out of bed soon. Nice to have a day that is driven by relaxation than responsibilities every once-n-a-while. A bit later we'll head up to the Farmers Market and check out the offerings. Since we've been there before, we know of a few things that we want to pickup. Think coffee is done perking - Time to have a cup!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Windblown in Lancaster

Quite Windy in Gordonville. Got settled in at Country Acres after an uneventful travel up. It's colder this weekend than our First Day of Spring Outing in March to Spring Gulch. Still, looking forward to a great weekend - even if we just sit, watch some cable, or read a few books.