Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekend project

A RoadAbode campsite sign
Made from a round of Basswood - first I created a black-n-white image on the laptop, mirrored it and printed out. used the printout to 'rub' the image onto the wood, and used a burning tool to etch the picture in. Pretty good likeness of a "Class C" After etching was done, rubbed with n eraser to get any leftover lines out, and then coated a few times with polyurethane spray. Will use on our next outing!
Went up 2 secure RoadAbode's tv better - it is quieter where we store her - and can hear more birds - than most campgrounds!
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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Visiting RoadAbode

Visited RoadAbode to take care of a few issues. Had gotten the parts in from PPL Motorhomes to fix the oven vent I had broken at Hickory Run, the bay door latch from a few weeks ago, and replace some caulk that looked like it may fail.
The door latch was the easiest of the jobs, just two screws and clean off the old putty, replace with new.
Amy replacing the oven ventFor the oven vent, Amy helped remove the old vent, place the waterproofing putty, and install the new vent.
After the vent, I went to the rear of RoadAbode and clean off some old caulk on top of the rear curved cap. I filled in with new self leveling sealant.
While I was on the roof, Amy took our bike back home (we temporarily had them inside RoadAbode, and had loaded them into the van when we arrived at RoadAbode this morning.
I finished up, cleaned up and just did some reading, listen to the Cleaning up the sealing caulkradio, and enjoyed the scent of the wild roses and honeysuckle behind where RoadAbode is stored. When Amy returned with the girls, had lunch together, and then out for some holiday shopping!

Caulk on the rear cap

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pack Up Day

Slept late - 8am - Amy made French Toast & Sausage for breakfast, I took a quick shower and then we started to pack up RoadAbode for the journey home. Emily wanted to take one more ride around our campsite loop before I put the bikes on the carrier, so I obliged. I walked around with her and saw that many of our neighbors were getting ready to leave also. I started to wonder how the line at the dumpstation was going to be....
Emily Hanging OutOnce we were back to our site, loaded up and secured the bikes, cleaned and packed up the mats, and disconnected the electric (Secured that oven vent too). Moved Roadabode up a few feet so I could get the one leveling block. The girls and Amy secured everything inside RoadAbode. As a treat, we let the girls ride in their bunk as we slowly made our way to the dumpstation. Great view from up there! As we were driving - Amy opened the sink faucet and let the the last of our freshwater empty into the grey tank, to help flush out the hose after emptying the black. There were quite a few people dumping, but we were able to get to a station right away. Dumped with no incidents, and then we went to the upper loop to stop at a fresh water filling station. Most water fills in this upper loop were away from the road, but we found one near the restrooms,
Our Bungie ContraptionAttached to a drinking fountain. It was not a handle to turn, but push button, so I used a bungie cord wrapped around the pedestal to keep it 'pushed on'.
15 minutes later, we had 1/3 a tank. Enough water for the ride home and to start our next adventure.
Hose hooked up
Ride home was uneventful, just enjoyed the mountain scenery and the girls giggling as they watched the "Little Rascals" DVD. We did try a new way to RoadAbode's home, via the Lansdale Exit - worked pretty well.
Another fun time with RoadAbode!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Nothing like a campfire 2 end the day

Nothing like a campfire 2 end the day

Fishing in the Rain

After walking back from Sand Spring Lake, we decided to continue down the trail back to CCC Dam to try our luck there. Just as we arrived, it started raining, but we just pulled out or rain jackets and tried our luck anyway.
Didn't get but a few nibbles, but we did see at least 1 trout and some sunnies in the deeper pools.
Whatever the weather - we still have fun!

A Full Morning @ Hickory Run

After seeing Mr. Bear, and enjoying Ham and Cheese Omlets Amy made, we went for a bikeride down to the CCC Dam - where the fishing area is. The dam creates a beautiful waterfall that the girls got excited about ( a great precursor to explain Niagara Falls to Emily for next month)
While there we checked out the numerous catapillars with Emily, and helped a young angler that got her line stuck in an overhanging branch. After that the girls stopped at the playground for a short break on the swings (since the slides and everything else were still wet from the overnight showers) All the sites in these three lower loops here except 2 sites have no
hookups at all. After checking out the restrooms in the area, we
went back up the hill -part of the time pushing our bikes - to our site. After catching our breath, we had lunch.
After a short rest,Amy and I took a short bikeride to the upper loops of the camground. The sites there seem to be more open, and they also a area for camping with pets. Once we returned, the girls wanted to try our luck fishing @ Sand Spring Lake - which is a short hike through the campground and then to the other side of Route 534. I did not enjoy having to cross a thin bridge while cars wizzed by at 40mph. The lake has a nice beach, which in warmer months looks like a great way to cool off. We decided to try fishing off the dam, which is covered by huge rocks. From previous experience, I checked for snakes, and sure enough, saw 3 nice sized water moccasins sunning themselves in various places. We also talked to Dustin the Ranger on duty - and found out that this lake does not get stocked. We went to the bottom of the Dam to toss in our lines, the water was very clear, but we didn't get any bites, and only saw tadpoles and poliwogs.

Broke the Oven Vent...

Amy asked me to open the outside vent cover for the oven before breakfast. It's always been a problem, the clips do not hold the door down while driving, so to quiet the constant 'flap, flap' I duct-taped the vent while traveling as a temp fix - about a year ago. When I went to remove the tape this morning - it pulled the whole door with it! Just have to duct tape in place before we leave, and order a new assembly and sealing tape when we get home.

Our 'backyard 4 the weekend

Our 'backyard 4 the weekend

Site @ HickoryRun State Park

Site @ HickoryRun State Park


Saw a bear @ 6:30 this morning! Was in the campsite across from ours. I went out to fill by coffee pot with water - and there he was, ambling from one site to another. I walked slowly back to RoadAbode and woke the girls so they could see him to. Neat start to the day!
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Friday, May 19, 2006

Hickory Run State Park

Camping @ Hickory Run State Park this weekend.
Left work early & picked-up RoadAbode. Took her home, packed a few things, put the bikes on the carrier & waited 4 the girls 2 get home. Got a little direction from Amy on Refig foods and then got underway.
On Edit - The trip up was real easy, no traffic jams and not really congested. Found the campground - right off of Rt 534. Road really winds through the forest, up the mountain, and has some pretty tight turns.
Once in the actual campground, the sites here are close together, but plenty of vegetation between them. Amy directed me in - was pretty level, just hooked up the electric - we're good to go - no cable or sewer hookups here!
We also Stopped at the campstore - just to check it out. Pretty well stocked - with the usual camping stuff, snacks and food. We did pickup a Park souvenir patch for the denim RoadAbode quilt Amy is making.
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Valve Install Done!

Went to pickup RoadAbode - the valves look great! It will be so easy to check and air up ALL of RoadAbode's tires. The brass stems are so much sturdier than the old rubber stems - and you can actually find them.
Here's a pic of one of the duallies

Hitched up RoadToad and took RoadAbode to storage - no issues. Beautiful day for a drive & short 'tow'.

Monday, May 01, 2006

RoadAbode's "Valve Replacement"

After work today, drove RoadToad up to RoadAbode, hooked her up and took RoadAbode for her appointment @ Bergey's Commercial tire center in Hatfield. I had purchased an extended valve set from the Tire Man, who created these sets so you can 'air up' dually tires more easily. Dual wheels are notorious for being difficult to check tire pressure & add air. By keeping the right tire pressure in RoadAbode's tires, I'm keeping the family safer. Direction/maps by Google were right on the mark, and I unhooked Road Toad and moved her away from the main truck area when I got there. Met up with Mike in the service area, and handed over the keys once we moved RoadAbode away from the bays, and made sure Mike saw/understood the valve kit. Will be picking RoadAbode up tomorrow when she's all valved, tires balanced, and ready to go.
Picture of RoadAbode, behind a fence in front of the bays.