Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pack Up Day

Slept late - 8am - Amy made French Toast & Sausage for breakfast, I took a quick shower and then we started to pack up RoadAbode for the journey home. Emily wanted to take one more ride around our campsite loop before I put the bikes on the carrier, so I obliged. I walked around with her and saw that many of our neighbors were getting ready to leave also. I started to wonder how the line at the dumpstation was going to be....
Emily Hanging OutOnce we were back to our site, loaded up and secured the bikes, cleaned and packed up the mats, and disconnected the electric (Secured that oven vent too). Moved Roadabode up a few feet so I could get the one leveling block. The girls and Amy secured everything inside RoadAbode. As a treat, we let the girls ride in their bunk as we slowly made our way to the dumpstation. Great view from up there! As we were driving - Amy opened the sink faucet and let the the last of our freshwater empty into the grey tank, to help flush out the hose after emptying the black. There were quite a few people dumping, but we were able to get to a station right away. Dumped with no incidents, and then we went to the upper loop to stop at a fresh water filling station. Most water fills in this upper loop were away from the road, but we found one near the restrooms,
Our Bungie ContraptionAttached to a drinking fountain. It was not a handle to turn, but push button, so I used a bungie cord wrapped around the pedestal to keep it 'pushed on'.
15 minutes later, we had 1/3 a tank. Enough water for the ride home and to start our next adventure.
Hose hooked up
Ride home was uneventful, just enjoyed the mountain scenery and the girls giggling as they watched the "Little Rascals" DVD. We did try a new way to RoadAbode's home, via the Lansdale Exit - worked pretty well.
Another fun time with RoadAbode!

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