Saturday, May 27, 2006

Visiting RoadAbode

Visited RoadAbode to take care of a few issues. Had gotten the parts in from PPL Motorhomes to fix the oven vent I had broken at Hickory Run, the bay door latch from a few weeks ago, and replace some caulk that looked like it may fail.
The door latch was the easiest of the jobs, just two screws and clean off the old putty, replace with new.
Amy replacing the oven ventFor the oven vent, Amy helped remove the old vent, place the waterproofing putty, and install the new vent.
After the vent, I went to the rear of RoadAbode and clean off some old caulk on top of the rear curved cap. I filled in with new self leveling sealant.
While I was on the roof, Amy took our bike back home (we temporarily had them inside RoadAbode, and had loaded them into the van when we arrived at RoadAbode this morning.
I finished up, cleaned up and just did some reading, listen to the Cleaning up the sealing caulkradio, and enjoyed the scent of the wild roses and honeysuckle behind where RoadAbode is stored. When Amy returned with the girls, had lunch together, and then out for some holiday shopping!

Caulk on the rear cap

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