Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Full Morning @ Hickory Run

After seeing Mr. Bear, and enjoying Ham and Cheese Omlets Amy made, we went for a bikeride down to the CCC Dam - where the fishing area is. The dam creates a beautiful waterfall that the girls got excited about ( a great precursor to explain Niagara Falls to Emily for next month)
While there we checked out the numerous catapillars with Emily, and helped a young angler that got her line stuck in an overhanging branch. After that the girls stopped at the playground for a short break on the swings (since the slides and everything else were still wet from the overnight showers) All the sites in these three lower loops here except 2 sites have no
hookups at all. After checking out the restrooms in the area, we
went back up the hill -part of the time pushing our bikes - to our site. After catching our breath, we had lunch.
After a short rest,Amy and I took a short bikeride to the upper loops of the camground. The sites there seem to be more open, and they also a area for camping with pets. Once we returned, the girls wanted to try our luck fishing @ Sand Spring Lake - which is a short hike through the campground and then to the other side of Route 534. I did not enjoy having to cross a thin bridge while cars wizzed by at 40mph. The lake has a nice beach, which in warmer months looks like a great way to cool off. We decided to try fishing off the dam, which is covered by huge rocks. From previous experience, I checked for snakes, and sure enough, saw 3 nice sized water moccasins sunning themselves in various places. We also talked to Dustin the Ranger on duty - and found out that this lake does not get stocked. We went to the bottom of the Dam to toss in our lines, the water was very clear, but we didn't get any bites, and only saw tadpoles and poliwogs.

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