Monday, May 01, 2006

RoadAbode's "Valve Replacement"

After work today, drove RoadToad up to RoadAbode, hooked her up and took RoadAbode for her appointment @ Bergey's Commercial tire center in Hatfield. I had purchased an extended valve set from the Tire Man, who created these sets so you can 'air up' dually tires more easily. Dual wheels are notorious for being difficult to check tire pressure & add air. By keeping the right tire pressure in RoadAbode's tires, I'm keeping the family safer. Direction/maps by Google were right on the mark, and I unhooked Road Toad and moved her away from the main truck area when I got there. Met up with Mike in the service area, and handed over the keys once we moved RoadAbode away from the bays, and made sure Mike saw/understood the valve kit. Will be picking RoadAbode up tomorrow when she's all valved, tires balanced, and ready to go.
Picture of RoadAbode, behind a fence in front of the bays.

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