Saturday, April 29, 2006

RoadAbode's Bath Day

Amy picked up RoadAbode and brought her home Friday during the day. On Saturday 9am, we got together our 'battle plan' and started RoadAbode's "Bath Day".
Amy started on her roof, scrubbing it nice and clean (while being really careful up there)
she swapped out the washwater often, and once again RoadAbode has a bright white roof. While up there, Amy inspected all the caulking and everything looks 'road worthy'.
While Amy was on the roof, I started washing down RoadAbode's sides, with some help from Emily - in between handing things up to Amy that she needed. Most of RoadAbode's ugly black streaks came off relatively easily - probably because we try to keep up on her waxings.
After She dried for a bit, we started on this Spring's wax application. I like using Nu-Finish (Orange bottle) because it is pretty easy to apply, removes easily also, and leaves a great long lasting shine. Another benefit is that any hint of blackstreaks are removed on application. To apply, I use old socks, worn as mitts, and swap them out as they get grimey. I use socks also to remove the wax as it dries. "Wax on - Wax off"....

Started on the Rear first, and moved up the topside of both driver and passenger sides, then the bottom parts of each side - with Kimberly's help - and then had a lunch break (Grilled Cheese!) Finished by doing the front cab over bunk area and the cab area itself. Amy did the final waxon-waxoff that I couldn't reach - the middle of the cab-over bunk, above the marker lights. While there, she washed the cabover window.
Did a few odd jobs, like greasing the Coach door locks and steps, and RoadAbode is all set for our Spring/Summer adventures! Here she is, all 'sparkly clean'!

Started at 9am, done by 3pm. Took a little nap on her couch 'til 4pm, and around 6pm took her back to storage - by myself - Kimberly was babysitting, and Amy stayed at home with Emily, who needed to get in her own "bath time". Was nice just lumbering along alone in RoadAbode - and the Storage place was nice and quiet, just a few birds. If not for other obligations, I would have "boondocked" right there for the night! I closed her up, and headed back. When I got home, started a fire in the backyard fireplace for Emily's enjoyment (Amy and I also) and then settled in to watch a movie, relax and wait for Kimberly to come home. Once Kimberly was home, finished the movie - and it was off to bed for the girls while I 'reported in'.

Just another good day that included family and RoadAbode.

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