Saturday, April 15, 2006

We Did It! RoadToad's first tow

Towed RoadToad for the first time!
We've been chronicling the work we've been doing to get the RoadToad to be an actual TOAD
Kimberly & I went out to visit RoadAbode, and do the final piece of wiring. With Kimberly's help, I tested and noted each wire function at the 7 wire connector by RoadAbode's hitch. We attached the baseplate for the 4 pin connector to bottom of the 7 wire connector. I then 'pigtailed' into the connecter the 4 pin connector needed to connect the electrical umbilical. (Picking up some of that black plastic covering later to finish it off - for now it's functional)
After testing by connecting the umbilical and using the test light on it's far end, we verified it was working. Time to put the whole shebag together!
I pulled RoadAbode up in her spot, slipped RoadToad behind, then backed RoadAbode to about 4 feet away. (With Kimberly's directions) I was able to connect the Driver side, but the passenger side was just a wee bit back. So we pulled RoadToad up further. We connected, checked and rechecked the towbar pins, umbilical wiring, safety cables and the EvenBrake system. After Kimberly said we got a clean test on EvenBrake - we pulled out. For about 10 feet. Where we park RoadAbode, we have to swing about 90 degrees to get up the main driveway. With the additional length, we didn't make it. Did I mention you are NEVER suppose to backup with a car in tow? We had to disengage everything, Pull back RoadToad - and then Pull into the main driveway and get positioned and reset up - and tested. It was a good learning experience! After that slight fiasco, we did well! Kimberly kept a watch in the passenger side mirror and monitored the EvenBrake display.
It was strange - I hardley could feel Road Toad Back there! Except when I did some hard brake tests in the Borders Parking lot (It's 2 or 3 miles up the road). I did some figure 8's and Stops and turns; just basically got use to the fact that we were now about 40 foot long! (Like an Articulated City Bus)
We turned back toward RoadAbode's home, and had no issues at all. Really feel good about this short trial and adventure.
Next week - we get to really try her out when we go to Spring Gulch!

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