Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday @ Otter Lake

Woke around 1am - laid their and tried to decide whether to use RoadAbode's, or the Restroom down the road. Not that I'm the adventurous type, but I decided to go for a walk. Still and quiet, with lots of stars for me to stare at. Didn't see any widlife on the way either - which is a good thing.
Woke again 2 6:30am - put on coffee, and looked at the History Channel. Got Amy rousted by 7:30am, and together we took a bikeride around the lake, letting the girls 'sleep in'
It was nice just the two of us, with no tagalongs.
When we got back to RoadAbode, Amy put together another Great Breakfast!
Now - Time to think about packing up.

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