Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Driveway Camping

Once Roadabode was Home, we did a night of Drivway Camping. This was a bit difficult, since living in the city, we really don't have a driveway that is big enough to camp in. So, parked on the street, at a 30 degree incline (we live on a hill, too) we snuggled up into our sleeping bags and slept. Well, tried to sleep - the neighbor kids across the street were having a late night "par-tay". Whatever we tried to use - Heater, Propane, Water system, Microwave, Air Conditioner, worked! This was exciting!

Next day we did a through cleaning - We don't spend this much time on the regular house! I spent a good part of an hour on kitchen stove area alone. In the end - she really sparkled!

In the Beginning.....

Well, gonna try to post what's going on - Traveling and just having fun with RoadAbode, our 2004 Class C Coachmen RoadMaster, puchased in November of 2004 at Hitcharama. She was previously a Rental, and after checking out a few of her sisters, decided RoadAbode was the one for us. She is basic, no "slides", No Auto Levelers, But plenty for our family of four to get started with.
Oh - want to see a real RVer? Check out Tioga and George!