Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Driveway Camping

Once Roadabode was Home, we did a night of Drivway Camping. This was a bit difficult, since living in the city, we really don't have a driveway that is big enough to camp in. So, parked on the street, at a 30 degree incline (we live on a hill, too) we snuggled up into our sleeping bags and slept. Well, tried to sleep - the neighbor kids across the street were having a late night "par-tay". Whatever we tried to use - Heater, Propane, Water system, Microwave, Air Conditioner, worked! This was exciting!

Next day we did a through cleaning - We don't spend this much time on the regular house! I spent a good part of an hour on kitchen stove area alone. In the end - she really sparkled!

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