Thursday, November 23, 2006

Blogging Pics Just got Easier!

Was checking out One of my favorite Fulltimers - Jim & Chris and noticed they were using Picasa Web Albums. I had played with Picasa before, even uploaded photos thru "Hello" when Blogger gets "Funky" but this is pretty easy! Check out our Web Albums! Did These in just an hour or so!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lancaster Weekend

Beautiful Lancaster! We love this place - makes for a quick getaway!
Got out of work early - 12:30pm on Friday. Amy already had RoadAbode home and mostly loaded up. I connected the towbar and added some of my own "essentials" After the girls and Amy were done @ the After School Program, We headed to a quiet street behind RPC to hook up RoadToad. Only problem I later figured out - that the Evenbrake receiver had problems picking up the EvenBrake signal - because we were under the Radio/TV transmitter Tower! Added 20 mins. to our Start figuring out that kink.
Ride up was nice - though driving in the dark (already at 6pm!) takes a higher level of concentration.
Spot @ Country Acres is beautiful - perfect for a cold weekend - on the upper level right near the bath/laundry building. This is perfect because besides doing some Christmas shopping @ the outlets, we are also going to be winterizing RoadAbode (No using the plumbing onboard after that) . The pad is nice and level, with a nice covering of gravel - so things won't get muddy when we empty the fresh tank during winterizing. We setup electric for the fridge, and put out our welcome mat, and jumped in RoadToad for a quick ride down the road to Paradise Pizza. This place has great pizza, and nice people working there. If you go - try the Chicken Ranch pizza for something different!
After dinner, we headed back to the campsite, kicked on the heater, and watched some cartoons on cable. Bedtime came around quickly! One disappointment @ Country Acres is the WiFi is weak - slow and disconnects. I connected to work once - and then had issues after that. And I can see the antennae on the roof of the bath house from my window - 50 feet or less away!
Love the view though -Plenty of Stars are out tonight!
Saturday Morning made coffee, took showers (not all that cold out) and headed out to Bob Evans for breakfast. Once filled and raring to go, we headed out to the outlets , hunting down gifts for friends and family. As the day wore on, it looked like lots of people had the idea to start Christmas shopping early. We headed back to RoadAbode around 1pm - and started in on winterizing her. After a little confusion on which way the fresh tank valves were to be placed, we got her all drained and filled with the bio-safe antifreeze "pink stuff" in under two hours. Amy took a tour of the roof, deemed it properly sealed, and we were all done. Since there was still some daylight left, we decided to head east and tour. One of the places the girls wanted to visit, and a place that I really enjoyed, was the The National Christmas Center
At first I thought it would be ho-key but it ended up really helping me to get in the "Christmas Spirit" The most favorite parts for me were the 5&10 Store, and reading along with the girls in the storybook village - and the very end - where you walked thru their lifesize, realistic nativity. Very inspiring!
After our trip to long ago and down memory lane, it was getting dark, and we were getting hungry. We did stop at "Basketville - which is closing. Even at 30% off - they were still overpriced!
We continued on - past Country Acres - and planned on eating @ Dutch Haven. unfortunately, it now only makes Shoo-Fly pie and other desserts, and holds a large gift shop - no more diner.
So we went to an another standby - Cracker Barrel! Was a short wait - but dinner was great! (I love their grilled catfish and fried okra!)
After dinner, headed back, and relaxed with some desserts from the Pepperidge Farm Outlet and some Disney Channel (and some History Channel later for me!)
Sunday Morning Sat outside with some coffee - beautiful morning! Chilly - but not cold, there is no breeze to put the chill across your skin.
Hit the shower, and then had breakfast that Amy prepared, English muffins, sausage, egg and Cheese sandwiches - yummy!
Slowly packed up - and pulled out with RoadToad connected by 11am. Took it nice and slow, dropped off RoadAbode to storage, and made it home before 3pm.
A great, relaxing weekend - and got some work done too!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Armchair Travel Today

It's beautiful (but cold) outside, but sadly, not traveling today. So took a break from "PowerRoom Remodeling" to do some Virtual Travel thru 2 blogs I follow, Tioga and George, and Our Odyssey . What's really interesting is it looks like their Paths may cross - George going South and Sean & Louise coming up with a caravan from the South - on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.
Both blogs have their own writing style, but really describe their travels beautifully. I also enjoy their photos, and to pay homage to their posts, created two quick watercolors in PaintShopPro. They look better viewed full....
Pay their blogs a visit if you get the chance!
Odyssey is here getting loaded onto a flat traincar for their tour through Copper Canyon

George is Enjoying another "Premo" Boondocking Spot, somewhere near Rosarito, Mexico - Right on the beach!