Saturday, November 04, 2006

Armchair Travel Today

It's beautiful (but cold) outside, but sadly, not traveling today. So took a break from "PowerRoom Remodeling" to do some Virtual Travel thru 2 blogs I follow, Tioga and George, and Our Odyssey . What's really interesting is it looks like their Paths may cross - George going South and Sean & Louise coming up with a caravan from the South - on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.
Both blogs have their own writing style, but really describe their travels beautifully. I also enjoy their photos, and to pay homage to their posts, created two quick watercolors in PaintShopPro. They look better viewed full....
Pay their blogs a visit if you get the chance!
Odyssey is here getting loaded onto a flat traincar for their tour through Copper Canyon

George is Enjoying another "Premo" Boondocking Spot, somewhere near Rosarito, Mexico - Right on the beach!

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