Saturday, April 22, 2006

De-Winterizing and Getting Stuffed @ Shady Maple

A picture of our site @ Spring Gulch
Saturday morning it was lightly misting, so after a great breakfast of French toast and sausage, Amy and I worked on de-winterizing RoadAbode. This consisted of flushing the pink antifreeze from the water system, and filling RoadAbodes fresh tank with fresh water that we added some bleach to disinfect the tank. Then we ran this thru the pipes. After letting the bleach mix sit in the pipes for a short time, we flushed out with fresh water. We are going to let the mix slosh around the fresh tank (half full) until next week when we bring her home to wash & wax her. We also did some dusting and I cleaned RoadAbode's coach air-conditioning unit, atightenedned some loose bolts.
Last I switched the winterizing switch of the water heater and let that fill with fresh water also. After checking all the plumbing, I got a fresh coffee (my 3rd of the day) and took a walk around the upper sites. It was still misting, so I threw on my rain jacket. Most of the campground was quiet, with pockets of activity as people were waking and getting moving for the fishing tournament. While walking around on loop of campsites, I noticed an old hand pump. Reminded me of my younger days with my father, mother and brother when we would picnicking and berry picking at French Creek State Park, not to far from where we were camping now.

There are also a good bit of seasonals in the upper campground, but most were neat and tidy, not like some messes I've seen at other places.
Once I got back to RoadAbode, the girls decided it was their turn for a walk, and I decided to take a shower. By the time they got back it looked like they had taken a shower too! They got caught in a downpour. They were still having fun being together and checking out the campstore.
Once they got semi-dry, we got ready for Shady Maple. Shady Maple is an experience not to be missed! The food is great, the gift shop fun to look at (especially with girls as well behaved as ours!) and we had to stop at the Farmers Market - not for produce or meats - but for the peach bread Amy has fallen in love with, and my standard Lancaster dessert - ShooFly pie!
We also stopped at the Goods Store located there - kind of an old fashioned General Store - with great stuff- and great prices too.
Headed back was still messy outside - rainy and windy - but nice having RoadToad to tour around with!

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