Monday, April 02, 2007

Adventure (and MIS-Adventure) in Kentucky

Ride down thru West Virginia into Kentucky went smoothly after our stay at Hampton Inn in Buckhannon West Virginia, which is near where the Sago Mine explosion in Jan 2006 occurred.
Things went well, untill we tried using Route 199 to cut over to 632/192 for Phelps. Amy wanted to try a new route to get to Phelps more directly - Route 199
Seems 199 is on the map, but turns into a gravel road that looks like a small driveway - twisting up the side of the mountain. (Even Lola our new GPS said so!) Tried doing a turn around. could'nt make it - almost got stuck.. Went on forward, and was waved down by a gent sitting on his porch halfway up a hill - he came down and jumped in - and directed us to the place "all the school buses turn around" about a 1/2 mile up further on the road. Headed back out to the main road - with our tail between our legs - but all still safe and sound.
Finally made it to Phelps about an hour late. Great to see Our friends Justin and Leia - and she is looking great in the part of "expectant mother"!

Assessed RoadAbode - bent up her electrical connection for RoadToad on our little adventure on 199, but will fix that when we are backhome in Philly.

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wish i were there!