Friday, May 18, 2007

French Creek for a Weekend!

After work I, picked up pizza, hurried home, and meet with the girls for a quick bite. We then all piled into RoadToad - including Sabrina - one of their girlfriends - and headed up to where we store RoadAbode. Amy had been there earlier in the day to load her up with a few essentials.
We piled in the few things the girls brought along, hooked up the Towbar and RoadToad, and were on our way. We arrived about an hour later, right around dusk, at French Creek State Park Campground. We quickly leveled RoadAbode, and got settled in. Had a small fire that the "little pyros" played with, and then went in - getting a bit chilly outside. Cranked on the heater, and started to plan our Saturday. They're calling for rain, hope it holds off until the afternoon...

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Unknown said...

"Brina" I would like to be called Sabrina and maybe if I'm in a great mood, Breannie! Thanks