Saturday, May 19, 2007

French Creek Saturday - Part Deux

After wandering around and soaking up the history of Hopewell Village, We started to head back around Noon. The hike was a little tougher - we had some steep inclines on the way back. Once back at camp and we caught our breath, we cleaned up and got in RoadToad to ride out for "linner" (late lunch, early dinner) to Shady Maple - which is only about 30 minutes away from the campground. We enjoyed a great dinner of all types of things - I was truly stuffed. Amy picked up a loaf of her favorite - Peach Bread, and we perused the huge gift store. We thought we heard thunder -and it looked like the trees outside were whipping about. Started to wonder about our new canopy - and how it was doing in the wind - so we headed out. Once outside - it was not that bad - no rain at all - so the girls stopped at Goods General store to look around, while I went into the grocery to grab paper towels (you ALWAYS forget something when you camp!) and hand soap.
After that - we headed back - all was well at RoadAboad.
Had a quiet night, it did finally start to drizzle/rain - so no fire. The older girls watched a movie in their bunk, Emily and I read, did a little snacking, played on the laptop - Then off to bed for us old folks. Sounds boring - But very relaxing!

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