Monday, May 21, 2007

Sunday Fishing/Hiking at Hopewell Lake

Woke around 7am, had some coffee, went outside. Looks like it rained a bit and there's still a little drizzle coming down. Had breakfast with the girls - and decided to go fishing anyway!
Broke out the ponchos & rain gear - and drove to the lake rather than hike. We walked from the boat launch area around to the "fishing pier" they have built on the lake. Along the way we looked at the beaver dam and the evidence of the chewed logs that they leave behind. Didn't see any beavers though. As we fished, blue skies came out - and by the time the girls had enough, it was clear! Since the weather turned for the better, we decided to go to the far side of the lake and explore the dam/waterfall there. We drove over to the closest parking lot I could find that was near the dam (the roads at French creek have really changed) and hiked down to the dam. Saw evidence of a goose that was caught as someones dinner along the way.
They have really been making improvements here - saw a water filtration plant (I think) where we parked the car, and they have built an overflow area next to the original dam/waterfall. So many things are the same - yet so many have changed since I was a boy. They definitely have let some areas go to be more wild again - which is a good thing. We sat and enjoyed the waterfalls for a while - then headed back to packup RoadAbode.
Here's some pics of our Sunday Adventures: RoadAbode CampsiteWaterfall at Hopewell Lake'Brina and Kimberly at top of Waterfall at Hopewell LakeBrina Kimberly and Emily at Top of Waterfall at Hopewell LakeWaterfall and New Overflow waterway at Hopewell LakeFishing on Hopewell Lake


CyberCelt said...

How neat to share a spot from your youth with your kids.

I love your Coachman. We have been looking for a Class C RV (we have trailer) for awhile.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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Unknown said...

Awesome Pictures