Saturday, May 19, 2007

Amazing, Beautiful Saturday! - French Creek

Woke a little late - around 7:30am, and just snuggled under the warm covers. Looks like the temp outside is right around 50F. Peering out the windows though - Beautiful blue Skies! Weatherman was calling for all day rain - We have definitely been blessed!
Got coffee going, and Amy got the girls rustled up for breakfast. Some had, pancakes, or french toast, I went for a sausage sandwich on mini-bagels. I sat outside and enjoyed watching the chipmunks play, girls opted to stay inside - warm.
Finally got everyone dressed and moving by 9:30am, so we started on our hike to Hopewell Furnace. There are quite a few hiking trails that pass by the campground. The trail we used (Collier's Trail - white circle) goes right past the entrance to the campground. It's one of the more direct routes to Hopewell Village & Furnace. If you ever get a chance, check this little gem of history out! On the way I pointed out the few flora & fauna thing that I remembered from when Opa, Opa and Frank use to take me here. French creek was a big part of my growing up as a kid. We would come here many times a year. Oma and Opa would pick a variety of edible mushrooms, berries, nuts, and other things in these woods. Opa was probably happiest when wandering around here. I think he could have been happy camping here too, if he would have started...
I was glad to see that upkeep of Hopewell is back where it should be. The waterwheel is working again, and they are doing a few demonstrations of life back in the 17 and 1800's. Also - the Rangers in the visitor's center were great with the girls - and just plain fun! All three girls enjoy history, so they really enjoyed learning about how life was at the village back then.

They also earned their "Junior Ranger Badges" by hunting down the clues to various questions in the pamphlet the ranger had given them. Only part that was a little trying is when Emily dropped the questionnaire (almost all finished) in the creek - and Amy had to retrieve it.
We even got to see a birds nests with hatchlings of Barn swallows and blackbirds!

Here's a few pics of our Morning Adventures...RoadAbode in Her CampsiteOn the Trail - Almost to Hopewell Village
WaterWheel Working Again!Girls in from of the Wagon I have picture of ME at 8 yrs old in front of!Bird's nest in the eaves of the restored Boarding House

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