Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thoughts on First tow of the Fit

After  deciding to use magnetic tow lights the Fit was different, but not any more complicated to setup as a "toad" then the Accord.  In fact on the road it was almost scary how little I felt the car behind us. Since it's shorter, hardly see the Fit being pulled along even on the Cloverleafs of the turnpike. Had to use an adapter to go from the rv 7 blade round to 4 flat electrical connector. First one purchased from Pep Boys wouldn't fit, and the one that did seems to have slid out on the way - enough to kill the connection. We'll try again on the way home. Not a roadblock to towing, just a bump in the road.
Looking forward to a few days out again end of this week. No dog, no girls, just adult time. Lancaster again, but different part, so different things to do.

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