Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Had stayed up late - to about 2am - watching Cable (Deadliest Catch?) and looking at pics we had taken at the gardens. Slept til about 8am, then had a breakfast of French Toast while Am & Kim hit the Showers (I had one last night, and Em was waiting til we got home)
Watched Cartoons with Em, then got dressed and started prepping for travel. Took a walk with Am - to look at group tenting (not impressed) for RPC, but it would still be a great place to camp with Church - if everyone gets a site or cabin. Just more expensive than state park camping.
We left by a little before noon, and pulled into Roadabode's home by about 1:30 or so. (just made one stop along the way)
Had a late lunch at Olive Garden, then we parted ways - I stopped to check in at work, the girls home for a meeting.
Great weekend to add to our memories!

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