Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ice-Cream, Ponies, and the Pool DO Mix....

Yep - for the past few days - the hardest decision is what flavor ice-cream you want to eat. Emily goes for an old favorite- soft serve swirl (chocolate and vanilla) but is "test-driving " regular and pretzel cones. Jury is out on which she likes best.
Kimberly is trying the weird flavors, with names like moose tracks. Hey, it's ice-cream, how bad can it be?
Amy is staying conservative too - with a changeup of milk-shakes.
Me - I'm torn between "vacation mode" and watching my weight, so I go with the soft Serve "kiddie cones" - they are really big enough for me.
Here's some pix of the girls enjoying some cold delights

Yesterday the big event (Next to the Ice-cream Stand) was the pony rides. Kimberly was not interested, but Emiy took 3 Rides. Even stood in line by herself!
Right now we are all by the pool (as I type this!)
It's a little cool for Amy and I, so the girls are playing together in the water, while Amy reads, and I edit pictures and write.

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