Thursday, October 26, 2006

Checkup for RoadAbode

It's time for RoadAbode's annual "Checkup" - Yup - PA State Inspection Time
So after work I drove up to the Storage Place, pulled RoadAbode out, hitched up RoadToad behind and Headed to Bergeys Truck Center in Franconia, PA . Techs are friendly, and seem competent. The ride was nice, even though some of those country roads are pitch black. It was great just taking my time and catching wiffs of woodfires in the fireplaces of homes we passed. Once at Bergey's parked next to two garbage trucks (in for service) and
saw some really nice A Class motorhomes too. Besides the inspection, having oil changed, coolant flushed, and checking belts and hoses. Ride home was quicker - less traffic - but not s fun as driving RoadAbode! Will pick 'er up tomorrow if she's ready.

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