Sunday, March 09, 2008

Prepping for Our Trip

Just like a house, RoadAbode needed some "spring cleaning" to ready her for our trip. The forecast was for rain, but we figured we could still get some cleaning done inside. So Saturday picked her up from storage and drove her down. She travelled beautifully. (Well, as beautiful as a lumbering house-on-wheels can) And this time, the weatherman was right - it poured! But it got me to thinking..I could wash her, and wouldn't have to worry about rinsing...and the rain wasn't THAT cold....and those over-winter black streaks down her sides were really unsightly....

So I got out some Awesome cleaner, a bucket, and a long handled brush and gave her a once-over. Notice I didn't say a QUICK once-over, because when you're washing anything that's 30 feet long, and 14 foot high, it's not gonna be quick.

Even though I had my rain gear on I got soaked through. And I started having second thoughts when I saw a bolt of lightning course through the sky, and some loud rumbles of thunder follow. (Did I mention that brush was on an aluminum pole?) But I got done, she looks mighty better, but I'm paying for it today - just achy all over and a nice cough to boot. Cutting out of youth group for the night to try and re-coup.

I did help Amy a lil' bit on the interior, but she handled most of that herself. RoadAbode is looking more Spiffy that usual!

Today after Church and meetings, I prepped RoadToad with her tow brackets. Vehicle-wise, we're roadworthy! Just have to gather the troops food, clothing, and other essentials, and we're ready to be off!

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