Saturday, March 29, 2008

Note to Campground Owners

Who knows, maybe a few campground owners read this ...

One of my "Pet Peeves" at campgrounds is the care, cleanliness, and quality of their restrooms and shower house. Country Acre Campgrounds, in Lancaster, really know what they are doing in this area (The whole campground is great) Modern, up kept facilities. With the amenities I'm looking for when I go to take a shower.

I've included some pics from the men's room in their upper "newer" area, but the lower "older" area is just as nice.
Ample room, with an anterior changing area - What you can't see - Heated floors
Easy to use (one handle) to adjust the water, an adjustable shower spray, and lots of hot water! Surfaces that are not covered with any types of growth. (The surfaces here are all easily cleaned - and appear that way.
A bench in the Anterior room - No so much to sit on, but a place to put shower needs and items.
Hooks for my towel or clothes. Big enough to hold a few items.
And one thing I didn't get a pick of, in the shower - a shelf of some sort to hold my washcloth, shampoo and soap.
Kudos to Country Acres for having all these things - plus the other things you expect (like soap in dispenser by the sink, paper towels in the towel dispenser, and toilet paper - things I've found missing in other campgrounds). Country Acres really have what I wish I found at ALL the campgrounds we visit.

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