Wednesday, June 09, 2010

35 Cent Ouch

Last trip out, when connecting up RoadToad, noticed that the Driver-side turn-signal was blinking fast. Took a walk around, and sure enough, no blink on the rear. Once at storage I checked the bulbs, the flasher, bulbs in front and rear - all were ok. Removed the Light assembly, and checked for loose, broken, or worn wires. No dice. So made an appointment at Media Camping Center to check out.
The issue after they diagnosed was a fuse under the hood (I thought all the turn -signal fuses were under the dash)
The cost? Parts 35 cents for a 10 amp blade fuse. Labor $72. Ouch.
What hurts worse is that I keep spares in RoadAbode.
At least I learned something new.

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