Thursday, June 24, 2010

Travel Day

Packed Up and moved on to Salem MA. Was a short stay at Peter's Pond - didn't even really get to enjoy the campground itself. Trip over Route 6 and onto I-95 went pretty well, until I took a turn too early in Salem and ended up in a residential area, rather than by Salem Bay. Once we turned ourselves around, we got to Winter Island without an issue.
Winter Island is unlike any campground we've been in. We are camped alongside Salem Harbor, and are actually only about 100 feet from the boat launch ramp. Right near us are a set of steps to a beach below, and another larger beach to swim at is just a short walk away. There are two distinct type campsites here - a grassy field up a hill, and sites carved out of the parking area. We are at the latter. E is quite excited - finding shells, crabs and other life in the tidal pools. We have a great view of the Lighthouse here, and of the boats bobbing in the water. Every so often we see someone launch a dingy on racks on the beach below us) out to the boats moored in the harbor.
Once setup here, we took a ride to "The Willows" a small row of arcade style games, rides and food, bordering a lovely landscaped park right on the water. We entertained ourselves for a bit watch some of the local boys jumping off a two story pier and swimming to shore, to go a repeat the trip again. The sky started to darken, and we could see the rain fall in the distance, along with bolts of lightning. We headed back to camp, and got in before the storm broke around us. The wind really whipped about us, and we watched the fury of the storm out our back window - a great view of the harbor. As quickly as it came, it was gone, and blue skies and fluffy white clouds were above again. Better yet the wind died down, any humidity was gone, and the temperature dropped. Am made a great dinner of penne with grilled chicken in a red sauce, which we enjoyed outside in the cooling air.
Looking around tonight, It's amazing to me the diversity of Camping units I can see. Across from us is a $1 Mil Newell Motor-home, Next to it is an older unit Probably worth $350-400k (I think they are travelling together - they both have Ontario plates) Next to them is a $15k pop-up. There are plenty of others, from probably $5k on up in price here, but as I look around, none fits our style better than RoadAbode.
Time to watch a little tv, check in @ work, and have a snack.
We'll be exploring Salem's museums tomorrow.

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