Thursday, June 24, 2010

As I was packing up at Peter's Pond to head North to Salem, a 5th wheel pulled in next to me to set up. We did our courteous "Head Nods and Howdys" to each other, and I continued doing my stuff, and the two gents started their setting up and leveling. Am came over to me and told me "Hey - I think they are trying to level with a wine glass of water, want to let 'em borrow you're level? I looked over, and they were already past that stage, and never wantin' to nose in on telling another man how to do his job (unless it looks dangerous) I decided against it - they seemed ok.

A few moments later a women pulled up in another car (someone's "wifey") and hopped inside the 5th wheel, then hopped right out - talked to the gents - and came directly over to me.
"'cuse me, you wouldn't happen to have a level, would you?" :)
"Why yes ma'm, I do"

They leveled off a few minutes later to her liking. ;)
Guess Women are smarter - If You don't ask, you don't get.

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