Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mystic Aquarium

Today's adventure took us to Mystic Aquarium.

After Amy prepared a great Father's Day breakfast of eggs with a mix of diced potato, peppers, onion and ham, we headed out to Mystic Aquarium. We first visited the beluga whale exhibit. You could feel the cold coming off of the water of the display the three whales were in, This is because beluga whales natural habitat are cold arctic and sub-arctic waters. After watching the whales for a bit, we stopped at the Sting ray encounter where the girls got to touch cow-nosed rays. Next on our aquarium day we enjoyed sea lion acrobatics at the Marine Theater show. It was interesting seeing the four sea lions perform, and also misbehave! The show had to be restarted twice until the one "teenager" behaved. There are many indoor and outdoor exibits, taching about auatic life from around the gloabe. One of the most interesting were the "jellies", an exibit showing various types of jellyfish from around the world. The colors and types were so beautiful, and so fragile looking.

Pictures from the day:


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